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30,000 Curious Came to See the Show

What a mad, grand day for Lita Burke’s blog. 30,000 views. Smiles from Lita for all of you lovely and curious Gentle Readers who visited.

Suppose there is a most interesting street where the houses look like books. Inside these houses are places where fey-folk fairies play, wizards sing their magic, and Enchanters give  kisses. Anyone can walk down this street, and glimpse at these fantasy worlds through the windows. Lita’s blog is that street. 30,000 Gentle Readers have already walked its twisty cobblestone ways. Here are a few of the wonders in the windows.

Ride on a Wizard's Airship

Ride on a Wizard’s Airship

Ride on a Wizard’s Airship

All aboard now for a trip to a plate-shaped ocean world, where islands float far above the sea. Dragons fly the sky, and clockworks creations inhabited by minor demons join human and elf-kind magicians in absurd adventures.

A proper wizard uses an airship to visit these floating lands. Others of more modest means use Ornithopters designed by Leonardo’s Airborne Contraptions.

Join in the sometime fun, sometimes scary, but always delightful adventures of Wizard Kadmeion, his half-elf assistant Sir Bright, and their friends in the fantasy world of Clockpunk Wizard. Get your first ride on Kadmeion’s airship, and meet a special dog that digs deadly mandrake roots in Forever Boy.

Unicorn Herd

Unicorn Herd

Unicorn Island

There is a floating island in the royal elf-kind archipelago that has a herd of unicorns. They run in the steppe lands, and gather in the border forests.

The unicorns shed the husks of their alicorns, and the elf-kind collect these precious magical artifacts. An illness has stricken the herd. Lady Luck’s young daughter, with her favorite wizard in tow, visits the unicorns. She learns how to talk to the birds to get to the bottom of the unicorn illness in Glitter Ponies.

Enchanters' Luscious Magic

Enchanters’ Luscious Magic

Fire and a Hidden Spell Book

Lanith, a magical curios merchant, loses her shop and home to a mysterious fire. Her magician husband Tredan has gone missing.

The morally strict Church magicians, and the Enchanters with their luscious magic that they distribute with kisses, are in constant battle to do whatever is necessary to gain the upper hand in their world of Sye. She learns that her husband wrote a powerful spell book that will subjugate the Enchanters’ magic. His book sits in the middle of the decades-old conflict between the Church and the Enchanters.

With only her dragonette and the clothes on her back, she enlists the help of the Enchanters, and unravels her husband’s life-long secrets. His kidnapping tale starts in Wrath, and Lanith’s story continues in Tredan’s Bane.

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Guild Matters Sye: Bird-of-Paradise

The Guild Matters Sye book whispers the arcane secrets of the Magic Workers and Merchant guilds.

An Earthe Green Dragonette

An Earthe Green Dragonette

The Bird-of-Paradise Flower resembles a dragonette in flight.

Wild blooms are blue, orange, and white. The plants grow in the warm and sunny coastal regions of Sye.

Maji’kers (Magic Guild mages) who keep dragonettes use the Bird-of-Paradise blooms in bouquets to represent their adored sentient magical pets.

Enchanters cultivate the Bird-of-Paradise in their gardens at the Five Schools, and use their magical essence to coax the flowers into the seven colors of the stones in their Uslar Rings:

  • Earthe (brown and deep green)
  • Mer (aqua and blue)
  • Aer (clear)
  • Fyre (scarlet and amber)


The Bird-of-Paradise retains spells fueled with Enchanter essence.

Easy spells make the flower flap “wings” and dip its head. More difficult spells detach the bloom,  make it flutter, and hover the bloom above the plant. The most advanced enchantments turn the flower into a tiny dragonette form. Enchanters can bespell an entire garden of Bird-of-Paradise. They turn the blooms into mewling miniatures, and the transformed flowers fly about and play with real dragonettes.

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Enchanters Hold the Magical Key in Sye

Dramatis Personæ: Lanith

The Dramatis Personæ is the roster of conjurers and sentient magical creatures staying in the many rooms, grottos, and byways of Lita’s castle. Here is the guest book for the Enchanters of Sye Tower.

Lanith A’edredohr Vendbebelot

Lanith A’edredohr Vendbebelot

Lanith [lān ləth] proper noun, c.1614; Sumerian lilla, a demon < Akkadian lilītu < H lîlît; also A’edredohr

  • Profession: Vendbebelot (“Curios Seller”)
  • Race: human, female, age early thirties
  • Appearance: Beautiful. Lanith has blond hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin. She has an average build, but tends toward slender.
  • Common Name: Lanith
  • Private Name: A’edredohr (“Stream Daughter”)
  • Native Magic: Lanith is a superior tradeswoman magician. She has expert level skills with the many spells for charms, magical lockets, fetishes, and amulets.
  • Education/Vocation: Isor Convent Finishing School
  • Milieu: Lanith is a denizen of the Enchanters of Sye world.
Lanith is a Merchant’s Wife in the Seaside Town of Isor

Lanith is a Merchant’s Wife in the Seaside Town of Isor

Lanith spent her childhood as a poor farmer’s daughter. When she was a teenager, Lanith’s parents sent her to the city. At a young woman’s finishing school, Lanith learned a lady’s genteel ways that would prepare her for acceptance into city society. During a Church-sponsored event, she met Guild Maji’ker (“Magician”) Tredan. After a proper courtship, they married. She now lives the comfortable life of an urban middle class merchant’s wife in the seaside city of Isor. After nine years, their union has yet to produce children.

Lanith and Arnl’jhott

Lanith and Arnl’jhott

Soon after marriage, Lanith attended classes at the Merchant Guild.  She and her husband run a well-respected magical curios shop. They import more than half of their stock, and buy the rest from Isor’s local magical tradespeople. Tredan’s skill is with making pleasure charms, which they sell in their shop.

Lanith owns a rare pet—her blue male dragonette named Arnl’jhott. This affectionate and talkative creature joins her on monthly visits to the Church orphanage, where she holds a crafts workshop in amulet making. The merchant woman and her dragonette are a favorite with the children.

Lanith lives a magically unusual life. Her husband is a former Enchanter, and these magicians are the most powerful mages in her world of Sye. They hold the key for producing magical essence, which fuels all the spell casting arts.

Tredan and Lanith Run a Magical Curios Shop

Tredan and Lanith Run a Magical Curios Shop

Practicing Enchanters have delicate magic and are surprisingly vulnerable. They live apart from society in one of five enclaves to protect themselves from hostile magicians. Among other peculiarities of the Enchanters’ magical profession, the Church refuses to let them marry. Tredan left the Enchanter discipline and adopted the Church-approved life of a secular magician. Although he no longer can produce magical essence in the same quantities as before, he has plenty to lavish on his wife, dragonette, and custom curios in his shop.

Tredan's Magical Essence Made Lanith Beautiful

Tredan’s Magical Essence Made Lanith Beautiful

This essence-rich environment gives Lanith the luxury of cultivating her native magical talents. Tredan’s magical essence has also enhanced her natural beauty, and made his wife especially attractive to the Enchanters.

Lanith’s attention to details makes her an exceptional trade magician and proficient in these thaumaturgical skills:

  • Charms. Her skills include many spells to create, diagnose, and repair all types of magical charms, lockets, and fetishes.
  • Soma Touch. Lanith’s magical empathy ability allows her to sense the emotions in her store customers and recommend the proper charm, especially when she can touch their hand.
  • Paersenwierding (“person warding magic”). Cultivated by her husband Tredan, this skill allows Lanith to protect other magicians while they cast spells. Powerful mages, especially Enchanters, are at risk from attack while distracted with the intricacies of spell weaving.

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Sciomancer Secrets

Necronomicon Enchanter: Clergy Secrets

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret.


Because Enchanter-generated essence is the sole source of human magic on Sye, the Church magicians buy it from the Magic Workers Guild. The clergy hide their dependency on Enchanter essence from Church parishioners.

Church Magicians Hide the Origin of Their Magic

Church Magicians Hide the Origin of Their Magic

To make its magic morally palatable, the Sye Church purifies the Enchanters’ essence. They collect the magic in founts, and then distribute the essence to the faithful with a device called a Magical Resonator.

Some of the most devout Church followers practice Essence Deprivation. This systematic abstinence from magical essence purifies the practitioner from the Enchanters’ carnal influences.

Since humans in Sye require magical essence to survive, the deprived soon break their abstinence vows and take in magical essence. Essence Deprivation followers risk insanity, poor health, and may suffer from what Enchanters call Essence Madness.

Find out more about the Enchanters, Sciomancers, and their ongoing struggles in the books from the Enchanters of Sye world:

Necronomicon Enchanter: Alternate Essence

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret.


Some of Sye’s wild plants still produce magical power. These sources are weak compared to the potent essence that the Old Forest trees produce for the Enchanters’ consumption. The essence plants grow in the central highlands. Magically dependent animals, such as dragonettes, eat the magic plants to get their essence.

Tame Dragonettes Take Magical Essence From Enchanters

Tame Dragonettes Take Magical Essence From Enchanters

Except for a few abandoned experiments that yielded poor results, magical essence is only available for Sye’s human population via the Enchanters. Tame dragonettes live in the cities under the care of magicians who have a ready supply of Enchanter essence.

City-dwelling dragonettes no longer need to eat essence. They absorb it through skin contact with their human masters.

Magically satiated tame dragonettes can converse in simple sentences and are affectionate with dragonette keepers, and of course, with all Enchanters. The tame dragonettes like to gather in small groups on rooftops, sunbathe, and talk about their preferences for tasty fish and plants. Their multi-colored scales glisten like jewels in the sunshine.

Next Time: Clergy Secrets

Find out more about the Enchanters, Sciomancers, and their ongoing struggles in the books from the Enchanters of Sye world:

Enchanters Today

Necronomicon Enchanter: Sye’s Magic Today

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret.


The sensual Enchanters and moralistic Church magicians share an uneasy interdependence in Sye today. The Enchanters’ ability to create essence has grown until they are the most powerful magicians in Sye.

Enchanters Are the Most Powerful Magicians in Sye

Enchanters Are the Most Powerful Magicians in Sye

Church magicians’ craft has also grown. The Sciomancers’ magical care of ghosts and afterlife matters are a strong counterpart to the Enchanters’ earthy pursuits.

Tensions have escalated since the current head Church magician, His Divine, took office. Early in his tenure, His Divine enacted the élite Enforcers.

By weaving spells to find the Uslar rings that only Enchanters wore, Church Enforcer Magicians used harsh measures to steal Enchanter essence. Enforcer persecution included harassment, kidnapping, and torture. Early Enforcers penetrated the Healer’s School and sabotaged one of the foundation spells. The ten Enchanter Grandmasters were able to correct the damage. To prevent other opportunistic Enforcers from entering the schools disguised as students, the Enchanters stopped teaching secular magic craft such as charm making, and spells that produce fire, water, wind, or soil.

An Enchanter With an Uslar Ring and Wearing a Personal Protection Charm

An Enchanter With an Uslar Ring and Wearing a Personal Protection Charm

After banishing the Magic Guild and Church magicians from the five schools, the Enchanters created myriad personal protection charms to thwart Enforcer magic when the Enchanters were outside the school walls. In a drastic measure to protect the fragile Enchanter spells, the Grandmasters forbade all but Enchanter Consents from entering the schools.

The Magic Guild is the go-between for the Enchanters and the Church. Only a quarter of the guild magicians have Enchanter Consent. The rest see to the magical dealings of the Merchant Guild and other non-Enchanter magical interests. Some non-magical guild members have Enchanter Consent, and these people must wear an insignia on their guild uniform that identifies their relationship with the Enchanters.

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Entrance to Authors' Cave

Interview: Authors’ Cave Showcase for Lita Burke

Lita sat down with the folks at Authors’ Cave and ‘fessed up about the characters at her writing desk.

Lita Set Everything Straight and Explained Clockpunk

Lita Set Everything Straight and Explained Clockpunk

Interviews are such fun, and Lita just never knows what will come out of her mouth. This time, the interview was in one of the lovely grotto rooms over at Authors’ Cave.

“What is Clockpunk?” they asked. “Is that…like Steampunk?” Or is it all just Lita’s mad fancy? So Lita set everything straight and explained which part is her very own made-up hokum.

Nosy is good when it comes to interviews, so here are the juicy details about the menu. While answering the Authors’ Cave questions, Lita ate dainty finger sandwiches topped with cucumber slivers, and sipped citrus-fragrant Earl Grey tea.

Lita finished with dark chocolate candies so delicious, that talking was quite impossible while the confectionary melted on her tongue like an essence kiss from an oh-so-handsome Enchanter.

Ask a Dragonette Which Hand is Better, the Left or the Right?

Ask a Dragonette Which Hand is Better, the Left or the Right?

Lita explained to Authors’ Cave which hand she liked better, the left or right, and somehow made sense of it all when talking about dragonettes in Tredan’s Bane.

Then it was back to the Clockpunk Wizard world, and a serious discussion about why the inside of a boggart box is so interesting.

Virtual tea time became spooky when the matter of the murderous masked ghosts came up. Lita first used a napkin to dab chocolate off her lips, and then explained the ghost thing in her next Enchanters of Sye story, Ghost Orchid.

Lita is afraid she made a mess of things here describing what really happened during the interview. Perhaps Gentle Reader should follow the white rabbit and hop on over to Authors’ Cave–their version of the chat is not so discombobulated.

Some of the Authors’ Cave grotto rooms:

Enchanters' Enclave at Old Forest

Necronomicon Enchanter: Magical Discipline

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret. Today we read about essence madness.

Previously: Evolution of Sole-Source Magic

Enchanter-Beautiful Eyes

Enchanter-Beautiful Eyes

The Enchanters’ Magical Discipline

The ten enclave magicians learned from the sentient Old Forest how to prepare and consume the rich magical essence. According to the Old Forest’s instructions, they consumed tree essence five times a day for twenty-five days.

The essence glut irrevocably changed the mages’ bodies, their lives, and Sye. Their health became robust. Skin blemishes, stature, weight, and physical endurance improved significantly. The magical essence made them physically attractive, especially their eyes. Memory, the ability to learn complex spells, and the intuitiveness to construct elaborate magical mechanisms blossomed. Their intelligence and literacy also increased.

An Enchanter's Magical Essence Charm

An Enchanter’s Magical Essence Charm

The Enchanters’ bodies transformed the unpalatable tree magic into magical essence that non-Enchanter magicians could readily use. The ten magicians named their emerging craft the Enchanters’ Magical Discipline.

They created charms to store and deliver their essence. The ten Enchanters distributed hundreds of these charms to travelers who carried them to far-away towns. Some Enchanters left the enclave and established homes in the larger towns where they spread rich magical essence to anyone who wanted to taste its enchantment.

Essence Drove Some Mad With Magical Desire

Essence Drove Some Mad With Magical Desire

But there was a dangerous downside.

The onslaught of palatable essence was too much for some non-Enchanters to bear. These unfortunate ones lost their wits and developed an unquenchable lust for the magic. They coveted the essence charms. When the charms’ magic went dry, the mad sought the traveling Enchanters and attacked them to get magical essence from the source.

Next time: Essence Kiss

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Bestiarum Vocabulum: Dragonette

The Bestiarum Vocabulum is the wizard’s encyclopedia of faerie beasties and mundane crossovers living in the lake and forest near Lita’s castle.



dragonette [drag-uh n ɛt] noun, 1175–1225; ME < OF < L dracōn < GR dracon + ette; also dracon (informal), Seri or Madam Drracon’el (formal)

  1. Denizen of the Enchanters of Sye world.
  2. A dragonette is a miniature five-pound dragon; typically 4’ long with wing span almost 5’ wide.  Domesticated dragonettes are the pampered pets of powerful magicians and Enchanters.  Along with a basic omnivore diet consisting of fish and fresh vegetables, dragonettes must also consume magical essence daily to stay alive.  Because they eat magic, the owner must acquire and register the dracon through the local Magic Guild. These sentient magical creatures are the colors of the four magic types: Earthe, Mer, Aer, and Fyre.
  3. Personages: Arnl’jhott in Wrath and Tredan’s Bane; Taithleach in Tredan’s Bane.
  4. See “Dragonettes in Sye” and “Here There Be Dragonettes
The Fantasy World of Sye Came to Lita in Dreams

Dreams are Mystical Worlds

The Enchanters of Sye, like fantasy worlds will do, came to Lita in dreams. Follow Lita, Gentle Reader, and see how Sye began. 

Sye's Magic Awoke in Lita's Dreams--The Five Magic Schools, Tredan's Dangerous Journal, and Lovely Enchanter Kisses

Sye’s Magic Awoke in Lita’s Dreams–The Five Magic Schools, Tredan’s Dangerous Journal, and Lovely Enchanter Kisses

In dreams, we fly and have absurd conversations with acquaintances long gone. Dreams free us from our mundane bodies and we can do the impossible.

Dreams might be the results of the brain’s housekeeping chores. Perhaps they are true mystical places where we make nightly sojourns and return in the morning. Sye is a demanding dream baby. It requires frequent visits to its distant shores. Then in the early morning, Lita sits at her writing-table while the dreams still sparkle and tells Gentle Reader about Sye’s Enchanter kisses, Church Enforcers, and a dangerous spell book.

Dream some more…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world: