Dramatis Personæ in Lita Burke's Fantasy Worlds

Dramatis Personæ

The Dramatis Personæ is the roster of conjurers and sentient magical creatures living in the many rooms, grottos, and byways of Lita’s castle.

Settle Into a Chesterfield and Talk with the Magicians

Settle Into a Chesterfield and Talk with the Magicians

Visit the newest room in Lita’s castle. The Mage’s Parlor is where the characters in Lita’s stories come for interviews and general chitchat about magic and silliness.

Settle into a comfortable Chesterfield and talk with the mages, magicians, and precocious child sorceresses about the fantastical elements of their worlds.

Discover the real reason why the islands float above the sea in the Clockpunk Wizard world. Learn what compelled Enchanter Tredan to write a spell book to bring the end of magic in the Enchanters of Sye world. Learn why unicorns fascinate little girls.

Climb the Grand Staircase to Visit the Enchanters

Climb the Grand Staircase to Visit the Enchanters

Luscious Enchantments

Climb the grand staircase and visit the residents of the Enchanters of Sye tower.

Sye is a magic-rich fantasy world filled with dragonettes, ghosts, and sweet Enchanter essence kisses. In Sye, everyone weaves spells for everyday needful things, while the Church magicians and Enchanters vie for the heart and soul of their world.

This is the land where the Enchanters, Church magicians, and others (called “non-Maji’kers”) live. The humans, and some creatures, use magical essence to power amulets and charms. Watch your step on the stairs.

Promenade to the Clockpunk Wizard Wing

Promenade to the Clockpunk Wizard Wing

Tick Tock Magic

Take a stroll along the sunny promenade and visit the residents in the Clockpunk Wizard wing.

The world of Clockpunk Wizard mixes clockworks technology with the traditional fantasy elements of spell-casting magic, fairies, and dragons. These magical creatures live in plate-shaped ocean world where islands float above the sea.

Absurdities, thoughtful dangers, and clever magicians mix with the talking plants and winged women. Our hero is Kadmeion, a young wizard recently graduated from the university. He runs a wizard-for-hire business from his airship.

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