Books in Sir Death's Attic

Gramarye Kadmeion

The Gramarye Kadmeion is the attic room in Sir Death’s castle that houses the spell books, astrolabes, and magical miscellany for Wizard Kadmeion’s plate-shaped ocean world.

The Mage’s Parlor is the social room for hobnobbing with the denizens of the Clockpunk Wizard world.

Welcome aboard the AS Patsy Nottle, Kadmeion’s airborne home and location of his wizard-for-hire business.

The Grimoire Wizardry book explains automatons, summoning minor demons, pellar spells, and hedge-witch magick in the Clockpunk Wizard world. (link coming soon)

The Geographia Copernicus is an atlas and astrolabe with maps, charts, and traveler’s instructions for the floating islands that Kadmeion’s airship pilot uses for navigation. (link coming soon)

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