Back Cover Blurb

Tredan’s Bane by Lita Burke

A magician’s ghost warns Lanith about fire and kisses. Fire for endings. Kisses for magical power like she’s never tasted before.

Lanith and her husband Tredan, magical curio merchants in the seaside town of Isor, have a quiet life—until the day Lanith meets the ghost. She rushes home to find their store on fire and Tredan gone. Keeping a promise to Tredan to seek help if he ever went missing, Lanith teams up with Enchanter Nyle. The reclusive Enchanters are so attractive, the Church declares them a danger to a person’s soul. The warnings are valid—before Nyle will help her, she must taste his magical essence with a kiss. It is a revelation shattering everything she knows about magic.

They discover Tredan is not what he seems. For years a Church spell compelled him to write a secret journal with magic that will ruin the Enchanters. Enchanter essence powers everything in their world. Without it, many will die from lack of magic to nourish their bodies, fuel their machines, and even make the water flow.

Now a Church magician has come to Isor and he will stop at nothing to acquire Tredan’s journal. Lanith has to keep him from getting the journal and enslaving the Enchanters. In addition, she must conquer her desire for Nyle and his delectable magic before it sullies her marriage vows and damns her soul.

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