Old Forest Enchanter School at Ori

Necronomicon Enchanter

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret. 

Sye Magical Abilities Have Five Categories

5 Elements is a series about how the Enchanters of Sye take the diluted magic of their world and concentrate it for human use, and organize magical abilities into five categories.

Beel (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Causa Magic

Cha (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Cinton (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Communication Charm

Compulsion Spell

Durme (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Eete Enchanter School (Rune School, Library School)



Enchanter Grandmaster

Enchanter Only Spell

Enchanter Schools


Essence Flavors

Essence Storage Charm

A Grandmaster Talks with a Sentient SchoolEvolution of Sole-Source Magic is a series that explains how the early Enchanters established their magical discipline and evolved into the most powerful magic workers in Sye.

Fauna Enchanter

Flora Enchanter

Forget-Me-Not and Red Rose

Glamour, Attraction Spell

Halow Enchanter School (Old Forest School)

Hush Spell, Secret Spell, Silence Spell, Surreptitious Spell

Isor Enchanter School

Istla “Island” Enchanter School (Healers School)

Kesdin (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Killing Spell

Life Echo

Lika (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Look Away

Magic Deprivation


Mother’s Love Charm

Narkin (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Ori “My Light” Enchanter School (Mindplace School)

Paersenwierding, Seconding


Perimeter Spell, Perimeter Charm

Precognition, Divination

Private Name, Secret Name

Protection Charm, Protection Spell

Psych, Reading, Divining

Punishment Spell

Punishment Spell

Random Tincture

Ree (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Repel Spell

Restoration Spell

Sahn (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Secret Name

Seeker Spell, Seeker Charm

Shunned Spell in the Fifth of Uslar, Forbidden Magic

Slight-of-Hand, MindPlace Store

Soma Magic

Spells Room

Stun Spell

Summoning Spell

Surat (Enchanter Grandmaster Title)

Talent Seeker


Transport Magic, Location Charm, Travel Magic, Teleportation

Travel Room

Uslar Ring, Uslar Stone

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