Masked Ghosts Threaten the Enchanters in "Ghost Orchid"

Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid by Lita Burke

A magical curios merchant investigates crypt murders that release masked ghosts into the living world.

Read back cover blurb. Release date is 2016.

Check out the Ghost Orchid Book Trailer on YouTube. Ghost Orchid is an eBook, available for Kindle, Nook and iPad. Ghost Orchid is also available in paperback on CreateSpace. Read Chapter 1 FREE.

Book Details

  • Ghost Orchid a novel by Lita Burke
  • Tredan’s Bane Series, Book #3
  • Fantasy, Epic, Wizards & Magicians
  • Contains scary sequences, adult topics, and death/ghosts
  • Print pages: TBD
  • Amazon eBook and Paperback ASIN: TBD
  • Smashwords eBook ISBN: TBD
  • Barnes & Noble ID: TBD
  • CreateSpace Paperback ISBN: TBD

26 thoughts on “Ghost Orchid

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