A Wintertime Mountain House in the Sye Fantasy World

Guild Matters Sye: Midwinter Festival for Church Magicians

The Guild Matters Sye book whispers the arcane secrets of the Magic Workers and Merchant guilds. This is the second of three stories about Sye’s Midwinter Festival.

Previously: Midwinter Festival for Secular Magicians

Sciomancers Put Candles on the Tombs in the Burial Yards

Sciomancers Put Candles on the Tombs in the Burial Yards

Sciomancers in the Enchanters of Sye world honor the wandering dead during the three-day Midwinter Festival. These Church magicians visit every tomb in the Burial Yards and catacombs during the weeks before the Midwinter Festival.

The Sciomancers leave unlit candles in sheltered niches on the doors of the dead’s homes. They also recite traditional prayers to prepare the tomb for its ghost.

Unlike the window candles that secular magicians use, Church candles do not burn Enchanter essence. They are traditional paraffin candles protected by containers that hold Church magic. The Sciomancers leave charms in the candle niches to link the candles magically.

Sciomancers Visit All the Tombs in the Autumn Months

Sciomancers Visit All the Tombs in the Autumn Months

At Soul’s Midnight of the first morning of Midwinter Festival, the town’s Priest leads his Sciomancers in weaving one of the Church’s foundation spells. This magic lights all the linked candles in the Burial Yards. During the Midwinter Festival, the wandering ghosts will seek out the lighted tombs and catacombs instead of visiting the houses of the living. The Priests stop the illumination spells at Soul’s Midnight of the fourth morning.

Next time: Midwinter Festival for Enchanters

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