The Mage's Parlor

Mage’s Parlor

Here is the Mage’s Parlor in Lita’s castle, where the characters in Lita’s Clockpunk Wizard stories come for interviews and general chitchat about magic and silliness.

Welcome to the newest room in Lita’s castle. Settle into a comfortable Chesterfield and talk with the mages, magicians, and precocious child sorceresses about the fantastical elements of their worlds.

The Wizard Got Outside and Did Some Ice Gliding

The Wizard Got Outside and Did Some Ice Gliding

Wizard Kadmeion Discusses Glitter Ponies

The twenty-something-year-old wizard takes a seat on a nearby Chesterfield, and studies us with his handsome dark brown eyes. His unstarched casual white shirt has a discreet gold-embroidered Magic Guild insignia near the left collar.

He wears a souvenir from his Glitter Ponies trip on the right side of his head. Kadmeion has braided an intricate gentleman’s hair clasp into some tendrils of his long brown hair. He says:

“I’m curious to meet the Gentle Reader friends of yours. You do carry on about their charming ways. Is it true they read my stories that you scribe?” More…

Bright's Elf-Blue Eyes Look Something Like This When He Uses a Glamour Spell

Bright’s Elf-Blue Eyes Look Something Like This When He Uses a Glamour Spell

Wizard’s Assistant Brighton Discusses Glitter Ponies

The handsome wizard’s assistant takes a seat at a small table near the window. He begins tinkering with a small clockworks mechanism that collects dust bunnies under the machines in the airship’s gear room. The half-elf Bright wears his glistening long blond hair unbound. He tucks a wandering strand behind an elegantly curved ear. He says:

“The last wizard with an apprentice became so vexed at the bumbling lad, that the wizard told his apprentice the answer to the Universal Riddle.” More…

Probability Visited the Unicorns on Wuddlekins Island

Probability Visited the Unicorns on Wuddlekins Island

Lady Luck’s Daughter Probability Discusses Glitter Ponies

Lady Luck’s precocious nine-year-old daughter skips in, smooths the tails of her new riding jacket, and settles on the peach velvet settee. Her astounding blond prettiness masks Miss Probability’s already fierce talent with numbers.

The recent trip to Wuddlekins Island to see the unicorns also awakened her sorcery. Perhaps she will tell us the details. She says:

“Boys are such silly things, with their heads full of matters about what frogs think and how wonderful it would be to play stickball endlessly.” More…

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