The Magic Worker's Bench

Guild Matters Sye

The Guild Matters Sye book whispers the arcane secrets of the Magic Workers and Merchant guilds.

Artiste Story Weaver (Magic Guild Title)



Bird-of-Paradise resembles a dragonette in flight. Wild blooms are blue, orange, and white. The plants grow in the warm and sunny coastal regions of Sye. The Bird-of-Paradise retains spells fueled with Enchanter essence.

Church Boy Number

Consent Patch

Cooper (Merchant Guild Title)


Dracon Dama

Dracon Sire

Dragonette, Dracon, Love Dragonette, Seri/Madam Drracon’el (formal)



Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchard Charms




Magic Worker, Maji’ker, M’werker

Magic Worker Guild

Merchant Guild

Midsummer Festival

A Secular Magic Worker's Sye Home Decorated for Midwinter Festival

A Secular Magic Worker’s Sye Home Decorated for Midwinter Festival

Midwinter Festival is held on the three darkest days of the year, when the sun shuns the northern sky. The yearlong snow fields of the mountain passes creep down the slopes and claim all but the low coastal towns and arid desert in the continent’s interior.

Moneyteller (Merchant Guild Title)

Pleasure Charm

Rose, Pink

Rose, Red




Story Weaving, Illusion Plays


Street Lamp for Tredan's Magical Curios

Street Lamp Outside of Tredan’s Magical Curios

Tredan’s Magical Curios was a small magical charms shop in the town of Isor in the Enchanters of Sye world. It featured bulk supplies for amulet crafters, and offered ready-made charms for household and personal use.

Its proprietor, Tredan Vendbebelot (Guild Designation: Curios Merchant) was a retired Enchanter, and excelled in all aspects of custom charm making.

Truth or Dare


Touch Illusion, Erotic Soma Illusion

Vendbebelot (Merchant Guild Title)

Vendcraft (Merchant Guild Title)

Vendhorologe (Merchant Guild Title)

Vendtyro (Merchant Guild Title)



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