The Dramatis Personæ is the roster of conjurers and sentient magical creatures staying in the many rooms, grottos, and byways of Lita’s castle. Here is an entry in the guest book for the Clockpunk Wizard Wing.

Wizard Kadmeion

Wizard Kadmeion

Kadmeion [‘kad mē ôn] proper noun, c.1300 BC; Gr> Mycenaean acropolis palace complex at Thebes; lit ‘Son of the East’; also Kaddie (childhood nickname)

  • Profession: Wizard for Hire
  • Race: Human (full blood), male
  • Appearance: brown eyes, dark brown hair, medium build
  • Full Name: Haldemare Kadmeion Dorian Trentworthy
  • Formal Title: sen Magica Vir (“Magic Man”)
  • Honorifics: Wizard Kadmeion, Sir Wizard
  • Education: Doctorate of Wizardry in the Demon Sciences, egregia cum laude, Agatha University of Magical Arts and Sciences
  • Milieu: Wizard Kadmeion is a denizen of the Clockpunk Wizard world.
One of Young Kadmeion's Favorite Flying Machines. A Cat Aviator Sat On a Cushion Under the Balloon and Steered by Pawing At the Strings.

One of Young Kadmeion’s Favorite Flying Machines. A Cat Aviator Sat On a Cushion Under the Balloon and Steered by Pawing At the Strings.

Kadmeion is the only child of Wizard Trentworthy and Sorceress Dorian. His mother’s father, Haldemare, is also a wizard. Kadmeion grew up on the floating island of Gogogogo, named after his family’s popular rest home for elderly magicians.

Kadmeion showed his wizardly tendencies at birth. Trentworthy describes the delivery room drama thusly:

Dorian had just produced that most wonderful of enchantments, our little boy Kadmeion. The babe did not immediately cry. Midwife Mary held him up and slapped his rump to get the youngster to breathe. Kadmeion let out a squeal, and then belched a flaming hiccup that singed away Mary’s eyebrows and bangs.

Kadmeion's Enchantments Kept the Airborne Cats From Harm

Kadmeion’s Enchantments Kept the Airborne Cats From Harm

The wizardling lived a sheltered childhood with his parents, various cats, and the eccentric magicians living at the rest home. Considered a magical prodigy, the retirees doted on the handsome, but introverted lad.

Kadmeion’s boyhood hobbies were ice gliding and building scale models of flying machines. The boy based his replicas on the full-sized versions from Leonardo’s Airborne Contraptions.

No Hurt Feelings--The Seagulls and Cats Were Great Friends

No Hurt Feelings–The Seagulls and Cats Were Great Friends

Kadmeion taught his cats to use the small flying machines. The proper enchantments made the cats float with or without their contraptions, and kept them from harm. The furry aviators zoomed around the cliffs and terrorized seagulls and little dogs. This was done all in fun, for the seagulls, dogs, and cats were great friends. The feline pilots were a must-see attraction for Gogogogo Island visitors.

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