Book of the Dead in Sye

Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead explains the nature of Church magic in the Enchanters of Sye world.

Abiding Love Spell

Book of the Dead

Candle, Violet

Candle, White





Church Matron

Cleric (Church Title)

Convent Finishing School

Custodian (Church Title), Digger (informal)

Disarming Charm

Ecclesiastic (Church Title)

Enchanter Only Spell

Enforcer (Church Title)

Fidelity Spell

Fields of Yalu


Ghost Amulet

Ghost Amulet

Ghost Amulet is a charm that houses an incorporeal being (“ghost”) in the Sye physical realm. It is no larger than a woman’s fist. Ghost amulets are portable magical items and can be worn if the carrier has specific spells for protection from the ghost. A typical ghost amulet has a gold metal casing etched with beautiful spells.

Ghost Charm

His Divine (Church Title)

Isor New Burial Yard

Isor Old Burial Yard


Magical Resonator

Marriage Ring Binding Spells

Marriage Ring Binding Spells

Marriage Rings are magical jewelry worn by couples to show fidelity, to bind their magic, and create a Church-approved family unit. Only a Priest may create the rings and weave the binding spells on the couple’s marriage day. Marriage rings contain the following three spells: Abiding Love, Fidelity, and Wander.

Miscreant’s Chapel

Obscure Spells, Obscure Charm

Priest (Church Title)

Sciomancer (Church Title)

Sea Bird Chapel

Sea Pearl Chapel

Sea View Chapel


Soul’s Midnight

Wander Spell

Widow’s Kiss

Widow’s Love Token

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