Back Cover Blurb

Ghost Orchid by Lita Burke

A ghost Priest in a jester’s mask lusts for Lanith’s Enchanter-supplied essence. He also detects a secret behind the marble walls of Tredan’s crypt.

It appears life will finally quiet down. Her family has gone home after Tredan’s funeral and Lanith looks forward to reopening the magical curio shop. But a quiet morning walk turns horrifying when she comes upon a recent bloody death at a ruptured crypt and the ghost chases her through the New Burial Yard.

The Enforcers’ attacks on the Enchanters continue. Lanith wants to create charms that will stop the abuse of her friends. Somewhere, she must find an irreligious Church magician with the talent and inclination to help her build these special charms.

Meanwhile, fête masks have become the rage in Isor. With the similarity to the masked ghost at her husband’s crypt, Lanith suspects this innocent-seeming fad has sinister implications for Tredan’s journal.

Convinced that desecrated crypts, murders, and masks are the machinations of His Divine, Lanith begins a dangerous course to puzzle out how the fashion masks are tied to the city of the dead. She must also stop the Enforcers’ attacks and keep Tredan’s journal safe. The Enchanters must not fall to the Church’s enslavement.

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