Come See the Fantasy Worlds of Lita Burke


Have a seat and take a look at Lita's fantasy worlds

Have a seat and take a look at Lita’s fantasy worlds

Welcome to Lita Burke’s fantasy worlds. From here, you can see and read about elsewheres.

Fantasy worlds are more than the usual trolls, vampires, and fairies. Some do not need magic, just a touch of madness. Other elsewheres are places of the past long gone, but still live on in literature and cinema.

All of Lita’s fantasy worlds come with videos stuffed with images and music designed to set the stage, invoke a mood, and make you shiver. The shivers might come from the deliciousness of tingling spells, or goosebumps from the grease paint of the damned. Step inside. Fantasy folk await your visit.

A Clockpunk Wizard

A Clockpunk Wizard

Clockpunk Wizard

The Clockpunk Wizard world mixes Clockpunk with the traditional fantasy elements of spell-casting magic, fairies, and dragons. They live in plate-shaped ocean world where islands float above the sea. Our hero is Kadmeion, a young wizard recently graduated from the university. He runs a wizard-for-hire business from his airship. Welcome aboard the wizard’s airship for the Clockpunk Wizard World (link coming soon).

Do You Dare to Take an Enchanter's Essence Kiss in Sye?

Do You Dare to Take an Enchanter’s Essence Kiss in Sye?

Enchanters of Sye

Enter a place where dragonettes sun themselves on roof gables, peddlers hawk magical charms that cure or cause madness, and Enchanter essence kisses fuel all spells. Magical politics swirl between the dissatisfied Church Magicians and the worldly Enchanters. Come afoot, in your carriage, or by walking the gravel-strewn paths between Sye and the City of the Dead, to visit the Enchanters in the Fantasy World of Sye.

Wise Guys

Wise Guys

Gritty 40’s Style

Looking for a dreary, crime fiction world filled with down-and-out heroes, cynicism and vice? Shall we meet gangsters, cops on the take, a femme fatale, and a hardboiled private eye?  Lita found a place where everyone dresses to the 9s and packs some heat. Step this way into the Film Noir World.

A Steampunk London Gentleman

Steampunk Gentleman

Of Corset Matters

Don’t forget your top hat and goggles in this Victorian-alternative world where steam engines power gadgets instead of electricity. Meet women who are corset-clad, or they wear trousers and have grease smears on their faces.  Lita found a place with gears, soot, locomotives, and bizarre clothes.  Electricity is just a laboratory curiosity, and steam instead runs everything from telephones to “electric” guitars. Join us in the Steampunk London World.

Floating Lands

Floating Lands

Islands in the Sky

Ever have dreams where you fly or float with no effort at all? The people (and things) of fantasy floating island worlds are much like those dreams. Meet citizens who use personal gliders, strap on wings, or hop aboard airships to go to the grocery store.  Lita found a place with people who levitate and rocks that ignore the law of gravity.  Join us in the Floating Lands World.

Saving you a seat

Saving you a seat

Wicked Circus

Surround yourself with the blaring, off-pitch screams of a steam-powered Calliope. Dirt, desperation, and madness hide under the bright lights and faded canvas of this carnival-gone-bad world.  Lita will be your guide at the autumn circus.  Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and join us in the Cirque du Méchant World.

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