Lita Burke's Enchantments


Here is where Lita whispers enchantments, weaves spells like sticky spider webs, and explains the arcane.

A Wizard's Wonder Cart in Lita Burke's Forest

Magic Shows are where the wizards, sorceresses, and enchanters gather their carts in the forest by Lita’s castle and tell tantalizing tales by the campfire. See wonders that will dazzle your eyes. Hear haunting music and listen to the plants speak. Marvel at the folly of magicians and humankind alike in Lita’s Magic Shows.

Lita's Bestiarum Vocabulum

The Bestiarum Vocabulum magical encyclopedia is a tell-all listing of magical fauna, monsters, and seductresses in Lita’s fantasy worlds. Learn the differences between these femme fatale creatures: nymph, siren, and harpy. Also learn about a unicorn’s magical transformation when it swims.

Dramatis Personæ in Lita Burke's Fantasy WorldsDiscover who is who in Lita’s fantasy worlds in the Dramatis Personæ. This comprehensive directory reveals juicy tidbits about the conjurers and sentient magical creatures living in the rooms, grottos, and byways of Lita’s castle. Go ahead and indulge in the enchanting gossip about wizards and the magicians of the elf-kind court.

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