White unicorns in the Clockpunk Wizard world.

Glitter Ponies

Glitter Ponies by Lita BurkeGlitter Ponies by Lita Burke

In Glitter Ponies, a recent college graduate wizard teams up with Lady Luck’s young daughter to discover the cause of a mysterious unicorn illness.

Available now on Amazon in eBook and paperback.

Read the back cover blurb.

Book Details

  • Glitter Ponies a novel by Lita Burke
  • Clockpunk Wizard Series, Book #4
  • Fantasy, Clockpunk, Wizards & Magicians
  • Contains scary sequences
  • Print pages: 328
  • Amazon (eBook): B0141EV7AW on US, UK, CA, IN , AU
  • Amazon (Paperback): 151737832X on US, UK
  • Amazon CreateSpace (Paperback): 151737832X

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