A floating island in the Clockpunk Wizard world

Interview: Lita Burke Tells the Secret Formula for Indie Author Marketing

Lita Burke Gets All Dressed Up in Her Clockpunk Dress

Lita Burke Gets All Dressed Up in Her Clockpunk Dress

Lita has been away from the microphone for a while. It’s time for Lita to dress her best and talk about Clockpunk and Fantasy.

Swing over to JeriWB’s blog and get the scoop in her latest post Author Interview: Lita Burke.

Find out all sorts of curious things about Lita’s writing life:

  • What motivates Lita to write fantasy?
  • Tell us Lita’s secret formula for marketing and promo for indie writers
  • What exactly is the magic behind Lita’s curtain for writing Clockpunk?
  • What’s the latest about Glitter Ponies?

Lita has spilled the beans before. Check out her chats with the folks at Smashwords and Bookmark Reviews. The latest, of course, is at JeriWB’s blog.

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