Clockpunk Wizard Folks

Clockpunk Wizard Wing

The Dramatis Personæ is the roster of conjurers and sentient magical creatures staying in the many rooms, grottos, and byways of Lita’s castle. Here is the guest book for the Clockpunk Wizard Wing.

Aello’stormswift, a harpy leader.

Allura-ella, a fey-folk fairy and member of Kadmeion’s staff.

Betrayal, a golden dragon.

Sir Bright

Sir Bright

Bright, a half-human and half-elf Narfleet, and Kadmeion’s assistant. Bright is the seventh son of Elf Mage Higginbotham Norfiwyn M’Choakenchilde (a Seventh Son Mage) and Sorceress Wode Rilmandra.

Bright’s father is a Prince of the Elf Court, and his mother has the court title of Princess. Bright’s grandfather, Wolverhampton, is also an Elf Mage Prince of the Court.

Brownie, a dog and acquaintance of Go Fer.

Celaeno’dark, a harpy leader.

Cess, a meat-man goon.

Chance, Lady Luck’s son.

Charon, Sir Death and patron of the World’s Library.

Copernicus, a clockworks homunculus and member of Kadmeion’s staff.

Ephraim, a human Wizard.

Fraus, a demon oracle.

Wizard Familiar Furgo

Wizard Familiar Furgo

Furgo, a cynanthrope who before was a dog named Go Fer, and is now Kadmeion’s familiar. Furgo is a rare dog-to-human shapeshifter rescued by Wizard Kadmeion during a mandrake root extraction on Holcomb Island.

Furgo’s default form is a small black dog. He has a rarely used intermediate form of a brownie-sized fur-covered human.

Hissalumieon, a human and a member of Mevil Island monarchy.

Hoytt, a meat-man goon.

Izlyesende, a fey-folk fairy and member of Kadmeion’s staff.

Jack Frost, Winter’s Wizard.

Wizard Kadmeion

Wizard Kadmeion

Kadmeion, a human Wizard. Kadmeion is the only child of Wizard Trentworthy and Sorceress Dorian. His mother’s father, Haldemare, is also a wizard.

Kadmeion grew up on the floating island of Gogogogo, named after his family’s popular rest home for elderly magicians.

Lady Luck, the patron sorceress of gamblers.

Lars, War’s Wizard, patron of skirmishes and melee.

Lola, a human child and Ephraim’s daughter.

Martook, a meat-man goon.

Messen, a meat-man goon.

Mephistopheles, Sir Death’s Wizard.

Morton, a human Wizard at Agatha University and Kadmeion’s mentor.

Nancy, War’s Sorceress, patron of archers and woodsmen.

Nob, a wizard and member of Hissalumieon’s staff.

Ocypete’swiftwing, a harpy leader.

Ozomene, a clockworks homunculus and patron demon for the Harpies.

Philotes, a sorceress on Death’s Island.

Podarge’fleetfoot, a harpy leader.

Miss Probability Luck

Miss Probability Luck

Probability, is Lady Luck’s daughter and the oldest child of Sorceress Lady Luck and Death’s Wizard Mephistopheles.

Her younger brother is Chance Luck, and her family awaits the arrival of a second daughter. Probability also has a grandmother, Sorceress Amabel, who was the previous Lady Luck.

Tessa-marine, a fey-folk fairy and member of Kadmeion’s staff.

Tkun’winddance, the Harpy Queen.

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