Old Burial Yard Ghost

Back Cover Blurb

Ghostchanter by Lita Burke

Young Sciomancer Taavi, known as Ghostchanter, has survived a harrowing fight with a Church Enforcer that destroyed his magical ability. His despondency about his shattered Church magician’s life overwhelms him. The ruined Sciomancer now walks the dusty paths to the City of the Dead.

Two Enchanters call him back into the living world of Sye. With the Church’s betrayal consuming his mind, he accepts their offer to rebuild his body. Unfortunately, these two healers do not have the power to fix his magical ability. He must get a cure from a Grandmaster Enchanter if Taavi wants to work magic again.

The head Church magician, His Divine, loathes the Enchanters’ magic, and has harassed them until they now hide in their impregnable Schools. Getting a Grandmaster’s help in these troubled times will be impossible, unless Taavi has something the Enchanters want.

Although Taavi had been under magical compulsion before the fight, he had wronged several vengeful ghosts. Taavi also stole magical essence from the living. To satisfy his debt to the Church, the Sciomancer must gain forgiveness from his victims.

His Divine has political plans for his ruined Sciomancer. Taavi must embrace a Church magician’s role that has been abandoned for decades. To do this role, he must persuade a Grandmaster to help him. If Taavi succeeds, he will become the most powerful Sciomancer of his generation. If he fails, then the dusty paths to the City of the Dead are his only option to escape from the Church Enforcers’ torture.

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