Do You Dare to Take an Enchanter's Essence Kiss in Sye?

Enchanters of Sye

Welcome to Lita Burke's Fantasy World of Sye

Welcome to Lita Burke’s Fantasy World of Sye

Sye is a magic-rich fantasy world filled with dragonettes, ghosts, and sweet Enchanter essence kisses. In Sye, everyone weaves spells for everyday needful things, while the Church magicians and Enchanters vie for the heart and soul of their world.

For all the curious ones who want to visit Sye, just follow me. First, go watch Lita’s Sye video (link coming soon), then come right back. There is so much to see in Sye. And don’t leave until you get your delectable Enchanter’s kiss at the very end.

Church Magicians in Sye

Church Magicians in Sye

Welcome to Sye This is the land where the Enchanters, Church magicians, and others (called “non-Maji’kers”) live. The humans, and some sentient fantasy creatures, use magical power (called “essence”) as a commodity for personal and practical use to power mechanisms that would otherwise use physics or natural laws. Many of Sye’s humans have some magical ability, and can master basic skills such as slight-of-hand, use charms, or levitate small objects. More…

A Wee Dragonette Flies Over the Sea

A Wee Dragonette Flies Over the Sea

Here There Be Dragonettes A dragonette is a miniature five-pound dragon, typically 4’ long with wing span almost 5’ wide.  Domesticated dragonettes are the pampered pets of magicians and Enchanters. Along with a basic omnivore diet of fish and fresh vegetables, dragonettes must also consume magical essence every day to stay alive. Because they eat magic, dragonette caretakers must acquire and register their dracons through the local Magic Guild. Much more about Sye’s dragonettes…

A Ghost from the Fields of Yalu

A Ghost from the Fields of Yalu

Ghosts Abide Although the Church’s head magician banned the practice, a talented Sciomancer can call a spirit and trap it in a Ghost Amulet. Constructing elaborate amulets is a popular magic craft with Magic Guild workers. Avid amulet makers create fanciful non-inhabited ghostly abodes with dozens of elaborate rooms inside. An amulet keeper must not wear an occupied amulet near the heart, or risk madness caused by the ghost. More haunting details about Sye’s ghosts…

Sweet Surrender in a Magician's Secret Name

Sweet Surrender in a Magician’s Secret Name

The Key to Personal Enchantments Power lurks in knowing the names of people, objects, and ideas. Confidences also have power. Combine these two elements, and a Secret Name becomes the key to unlocking a magician’s spells. In Sye, a person’s Secret Name is the closest-kept magical strength, and weakness, for an individual. A mother gives the name to her newborn and keeps the name a secret with her child. Unlock more magical secrets here…

A Ghost Crossing Back to Sye from the Fields of Yalu

A Ghost Crossing Back to Sye from the Fields of Yalu

Sciomancers Powerful magic workers in Sye can visit the afterlife (called The Fields of Yalu), interact with the dead, and return intact to the living world. The Fields of Yalu is a bright and beautiful city, but holds deadly perils for the living. The Church’s specialty magicians for crypt and ghost spells are Sciomancers. They call ghosts at will, bind the spirits to prepared niches in the catacombs, or hold them in (unapproved by His Divine) bewitched ghost amulets. More about Sye’s Sciomancers…

One of the Dreamy Enchanter Magic Schools in Sye

One of the Dreamy Enchanter Magic Schools in Sye

Dreams are Magic In them, we fly and have absurd conversations with acquaintances long gone. Dreams free us of our mundane bodies and we do the impossible. Whether Gentle Reader believes that dreams are the results of the brain’s housekeeping chores, or they are a mystical place we visit, fantastic worlds await when we fall sleep. Sye is a dream baby. It demands frequent nightly visits to its shores, beckoning Lita to tell Gentle Reader about its Enchanter kisses, Church Enforcers, and a dangerous spell book. Dream some more…

It's About Time in Fantasy Worlds

It’s About Time in Fantasy Worlds

Timely Under-Magic Sye is a diverse and multi-faceted magical world. It holds tales about magicians, Enchanters, and Magic Guild workers. The Sye stories tell of a place seen through the eyes of its spell casters: how magic workers talk, organize, and think about their magic. They are Magic Mechanics. Or call them Enchantment Engineers. Time itself is full of mysterious magic. Lita features Sye in this little magic manual about time, and shares writing tips about time’s sensuous flow, how the clock conquerors, and how a minute burns. Take some time to peek at Sye’s under-magic…

First Enchanter's Kiss Creates a Delighted Magical Slave

First Enchanter’s Kiss Creates a Delighted Magical Slave

Get a Goodbye Kiss Sye’s Enchanters lavish affection on those who adore magical submersion. A single Enchanter’s kiss will create a delighted magical slave. Lita hears that Enchanter kisses taste like cinnamon and chocolate with a hint of peppery spice. Gentle Reader can get a first Enchanter’s essence kiss here, if you dare, and savor the flavor of magical essence.

Second Enchanter's Kiss Creates an Essence Partner Enthrallment

Second Enchanter’s Kiss Creates an Essence Partner Enthrallment

What of a second essence kiss? But of course, that repeat enslaves all the Enchanters to you. It is the Enchanters’ curse that makes them generous with essence kisses, or suffer the painful consequences, if they do not indulge their Essence Partners. It is a pleasurable burden, for the most part. If Gentle Reader wishes to become an Enchanter’s Essence Partner, pucker up here.

Want a Longer Visit to Sye? Lita begins with a brief day trip to Sye in the short story Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane, and remains for a much longer stay in the epic fantasy Tredan’s Bane. Plan another long visit to Sye later this year in the forthcoming Ghost Orchid.

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