Entrance to Authors' Cave

Interview: Authors’ Cave Showcase for Lita Burke

Lita sat down with the folks at Authors’ Cave and ‘fessed up about the characters at her writing desk.

Lita Set Everything Straight and Explained Clockpunk

Lita Set Everything Straight and Explained Clockpunk

Interviews are such fun, and Lita just never knows what will come out of her mouth. This time, the interview was in one of the lovely grotto rooms over at Authors’ Cave.

“What is Clockpunk?” they asked. “Is that…like Steampunk?” Or is it all just Lita’s mad fancy? So Lita set everything straight and explained which part is her very own made-up hokum.

Nosy is good when it comes to interviews, so here are the juicy details about the menu. While answering the Authors’ Cave questions, Lita ate dainty finger sandwiches topped with cucumber slivers, and sipped citrus-fragrant Earl Grey tea.

Lita finished with dark chocolate candies so delicious, that talking was quite impossible while the confectionary melted on her tongue like an essence kiss from an oh-so-handsome Enchanter.

Ask a Dragonette Which Hand is Better, the Left or the Right?

Ask a Dragonette Which Hand is Better, the Left or the Right?

Lita explained to Authors’ Cave which hand she liked better, the left or right, and somehow made sense of it all when talking about dragonettes in Tredan’s Bane.

Then it was back to the Clockpunk Wizard world, and a serious discussion about why the inside of a boggart box is so interesting.

Virtual tea time became spooky when the matter of the murderous masked ghosts came up. Lita first used a napkin to dab chocolate off her lips, and then explained the ghost thing in her next Enchanters of Sye story, Ghost Orchid.

Lita is afraid she made a mess of things here describing what really happened during the interview. Perhaps Gentle Reader should follow the white rabbit and hop on over to Authors’ Cave–their version of the chat is not so discombobulated.

Some of the Authors’ Cave grotto rooms:

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