One of the Dreamy Enchanter Magic Schools in Sye

Dreaming About Sye’s Enchanters

Dreams are Magic. In them, we can fly and have absurd conversations with acquaintances long gone. We cast inhibitions aside and do the impossible.

Whether Gentle Reader believe dreams are the results of the brain’s housekeeping chores, or they are a mystical place we visit, fantastic worlds await when we sleep.

The Enchanters in Sye’s world have been with Lita a long time. I started writing about them in college and saw how they had organized themselves into the five schools of magic. Enchanters were sensual. They faced a nameless evil. I tasted their chocolate-cinnamon-peppery magical essence kisses. I had first dreamed of them and then just had to write about these delightful creatures.

Long-standing Peace Bridging the Enchanters and Churchies was Crumbling

Long-standing Peace Bridging the Enchanters and Churchies was Crumbling

A Different Point of View

Later years showed Lita that life was not idyllic, and the Enchanters needed more focused conflict in Sye. The faceless evil turned into a more realistic conflict with magicians with a different point of view–Churchies.

Conflict now had faces and names. But dreaming of Enchanters’ magic remains to this day, and that fuels the draft for Tredan’s Bane sequel, Ghost Orchid.

Next, Lita will talk about the meanings of names in Sye, and fill you in about the party preparations here at Lita’s place for Tredan’s Bane.

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