Pssst–Wanna See Some Beauties?

This is what today’s fuss is about. Just look at those beauties. Three years it took, my epic journey, to go from a dream to a book you lovingly hold in your arms.

Goodbye, my precious.

I want to give these books away. Lita wants her Enchanters to find a good home with you, Gentle Reader. She will autograph all these books, and send them into the world.

Goodreads and I have arranged a drawing to give away five copies of Tredan’s Bane. Free, will cost you nada. You have six days left to enter. I’ll help out and list the link here:

Goodreads Giveaway for Tredan’s Bane

Wait, that leaves…four more copies to give away. Let’s do that a little later. For now, I’ll talk about the meaning of names, and why it’s so important to Sye’s magicians…in the next post.

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