Why do Dragonettes Coo?

Tredan’s Bane and Wrath feature dragonettes. They talk, of course, but why do they coo and sound like doves?

Mindy, shown here with her favorite book, suggested it. Her purr is a cooing lilt, just the way a dragonette would sound when happy.

I have to go pick up the cake for the party. I’m halfway through the post about Enchanter magic and Secret Names. Be back soon.

3 thoughts on “Why do Dragonettes Coo?

  1. Lita Burke Post author

    I must share sad news, Gentle Reader. We found out earlier this week that Mindy has lung cancer. (I must pause now and have a cry. Be right back…)

    An x-ray showed terrible damage. She had no symptoms until last week or so. The vet says she’s not feeling any pain from the cancer. Mindy now has a cough. She has lost weight. She is at home with us to live out her final days.

    The kitty that inspired the dragonette coo is fading away. No Enchanter GrandMaster here to change things (Tredan’s Bane explains this).

    So my husband and I give her hugs, lap sits, and indulge Mindy with her favorite things. Our not-so-long goodbye has begun.

    Will keep you posted…


  2. Lita Burke Post author

    Mindy passed away late yesterday afternoon.

    The vet said her ashes will be released atop one of the Colorado mountains. She will fly in the wind, just like a dragonette.

    Sweet kitty. I wish for you fair winds.


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