The Fantasy World of Sye Came to Lita in Dreams

Dreams are Mystical Worlds

The Enchanters of Sye, like fantasy worlds will do, came to Lita in dreams. Follow Lita, Gentle Reader, and see how Sye began. 

Sye's Magic Awoke in Lita's Dreams--The Five Magic Schools, Tredan's Dangerous Journal, and Lovely Enchanter Kisses

Sye’s Magic Awoke in Lita’s Dreams–The Five Magic Schools, Tredan’s Dangerous Journal, and Lovely Enchanter Kisses

In dreams, we fly and have absurd conversations with acquaintances long gone. Dreams free us from our mundane bodies and we can do the impossible.

Dreams might be the results of the brain’s housekeeping chores. Perhaps they are true mystical places where we make nightly sojourns and return in the morning. Sye is a demanding dream baby. It requires frequent visits to its distant shores. Then in the early morning, Lita sits at her writing-table while the dreams still sparkle and tells Gentle Reader about Sye’s Enchanter kisses, Church Enforcers, and a dangerous spell book.

Dream some more…

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

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