A Resident of Unicorn Point on Wuddlekins Island

Finished: Glitter Ponies

Welcome to Lita’s castle here in the Northern Realms. Step into her magical laboratory and see what’s on the slab.

A Fairy in Glitter Ponies

A Fairy in Glitter Ponies

Lita is happier than a dragon that has sniffed too much fairy dust. She has finished her next story, Glitter Ponies.

In this Clockpunk Wizard tale, Lady Luck’s young daughter helps Wizard Kadmeion and his assistant Sir Bright discover the cause of a mysterious unicorn illness. Our magic men face the most dangerous challenge of their budding wizardry-for-hire careers—girlfriends. All three learn that when they mix wizardry, luck, and unicorns, love is deliciously unpredictable.

A Glitter Pony on Wuddlekins Island

A Glitter Pony on Wuddlekins Island

Electronic pigeons have whisked Glitter Ponies off to the proofreader, editor, and beta readers. These clever people already visit with the wee glitter ponies, mad doves, and unicorns on Wuddlekins Island.

No time to rest.

Lita will brew a cup of tea, and scheme some marketing madness to get her new story out to Gentle Reader. Watch her blog for the book’s release date, and other details about the wizard’s curious vacation to the elf-kind floating island with the sparkly horses.

Read the Glitter Ponies back cover blurb.

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