Shy Jack Frost, Winter's Fantasy Boy

Fantasy Boy of Winter: Jack Frost

Jack on His Way to Another Window Painting Gig

Jack on His Way to Another Window Painting Gig

Burr, it’s wintertime outside of Lita’s castle here in the northern realms. Someone painted icy filigree on the windows. Let’s bundle up, go outside, and meet the artist. 

Say hello to handsome Jack Frost, winter’s fantasy boy. This magician embodies lacy window paintings, trees draped with sparkling snow, and crystalline sculptures made of ice. He tosses about sheets of sleet as if they were billowing linens on a clothesline.

Lacy Artwork Left on a Windowpane

Lacy Artwork Left on a Windowpane

Jack is an affectionate one. He nips noses and toes with tingling kisses, and leaves behind his enthralling magic.

Snow sports enthusiasts adore this mischievous ne’er-do-well’s wintry efforts. Mister Frost delights in all chilly artwork, whether he fills mountain valleys with champagne powder for skiers or freezes a lowland lake until it is a perfect dance floor for an ice skater’s blades.

One of Jack's Clever Ice Sculptures

One of Jack’s Clever Ice Sculptures

He is an artist and sculptor, too. His icy paintings on windowpanes have many admirers. Jack also molds frigid streams into whimsy ice figurines. He does his work when your back is turned or during the long and dark winter nights. Just don’t try stealing a kiss back from handsome Jack by putting your lips on a frozen well handle. Ouch. Lita warned you. Hear that cad giggle at your foolishness in trying to catch him unawares?

He Nips Noses and Toes with Tingling Kisses and Weaves Icy Enchantments

He Nips Noses and Toes with Tingling Kisses and Weaves Icy Enchantments

Enough of this winter enchanter’s tricks for now. His sly kisses have flushed Lita’s cheeks and turned her toes into numb nubbins. The snow crunches with every step and the darkening sky dances with the eerie northern lights. Lita puts her hip to the frozen door to shut wintertime outside.

Back inside now to the cozy fireplace and purring cat. Shall we have a cup of cocoa? A warm computer awaits to help thaw Lita’s fingers so she can type the next chapter of Glitter Ponies.

Oh, look over there. Jack painted more icy lace on the window while we were outside. What a sly guy.

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Boy of Winter: Jack Frost

      1. Lupi Robinson

        Hi, Lita-
        I work for a small commercial printer in CT and am in charge of designing our holiday card. This year I have decided to use a photograph of frost on a window as the image. I have some images I have taken but they are not fabulous. Yours is. I wonder what you might charge to make this image available to us. We always give a credit on the back of the card to the person who supplies the art. You can check us out at
        I can be reached at

        Thank you.


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