Get an Enchanter's Kiss Before You Go

Get a Goodbye Kiss

Gentle Reader journeys to the Enchanters of Sye world today. And the best part? Get an Enchanter’s goodbye kiss before you return home–if you dare to lose yourself in delicious enchantment.

An Enchanter's First Kiss Creates the Sweetest Enthrallment

An Enchanter’s First Kiss Creates the Sweetest Enthrallment

Sye’s Enchanters lavish affection on those who adore magical submersion. A single Enchanter’s kiss can create a delighted magical confidant–if the receiver doesn’t lose control and attack the Enchanter.

Beware. Pure magical essence from the source can drive a magic-starved recipient mad. Ah, the sweet risk of enthrallment.

Lita hears that Enchanter kisses taste like cinnamon and chocolate with a hint of peppery spice. The bold Gentle Reader can get a first Enchanter’s essence kiss here, and savor details about Sye’s magical essence.

What of taking a second kiss? That repeat binds the affectionate Enchanter to you. This tie is the Enchanters’ curse that makes these lovely magicians so generous with essence kisses.

Sharing magical essence is a pleasurable burden, but the Enchanters’ wanton affections enrage the Church magicians. If Gentle Reader wishes to become an Enchanter’s Essence Partner, pucker up here.

Stories from the Enchanters of Sye fantasy world:

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