Enchantment Begins in Sye

Necronomicon Enchanter: Evolution of Sole-Source Magic

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret. Today we read the first chapter and discover how Enchantment came to the Sye world.

Early Magicians Wanted to Improve Their Enchantments

Early Magicians Wanted to Improve Their Enchantments

Early Sye

Before Enchanters came, Sye’s plants and animals shared their world’s weak and scattered magic.

Early magicians with an interest in improving their spell craft formed a community. They cultivated the plants with the highest concentration of magic and ate the leaves. The magicians became ill from the plant’s raw magic. Many of them left the enclave, but the few that remained experimented with the flora.

Certain spells and physical preparation made the plants palatable for most, but the puny levels had little effect on the magicians’ magical abilities. More mages abandoned the effort until only five men and five women remained: Surat, Cha, Kesdin, Beel, Sahn, Ree, Narkin, Lika, Cinton, and Durme.

The Old Forest Taught the First Enchanters

The Old Forest Taught the First Enchanters

The Magical Chaos Theory

As Sye magicians have learned since then, the Magical Chaos Theory seeks order from the mess of random enchantment.

The turning point for the discouraged magicians came when the trees in the Old Forest in the eastern interior of Sye awoke because of the Magical Chaos Theory. What is now known as the Enchanter’s Ten originated from the ten enclave magicians. They also defined the Enchanter’s Two power number. Its enchantments manifest in the duality between male and female, plus the pairing of mind (causa) and body (soma).

Magical Essence Appears

These early magicians cultivated spells to communicate with the magically sentient trees. In a mutually beneficial exchange, the trees shed magic-rich bark and leaves. The ten mages then followed the trees’ instructions and transformed this enchanted tree detritus into chewy sticks sweetened with wood sap. They called it magical essence, and the ten could eat the concoction without falling ill.

Old Forest's Influence on the Enclave Magicians Forever Transformed Their Magical Abilities

Old Forest’s Influence on the Enclave Magicians Forever Transformed Their Magical Abilities

The Old Forest’s impact on the ten magicians’ magical abilities was profound. Sye’s magic would never again be scattered and weak.

After twenty and five days of eating tree essence, the ten enclave magicians became Sye’s first Enchanters. The Old Forest gave them vast magical power, but unexpected weaknesses threatened to destroy their hard-won enchantments.

Next Time: Enchanters’ Magical Discipline

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