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Review: Dark Mountain

Dark Mountain by C. B. Pratt is a fantasy about a hero for hire named Eno and his adventures to free the enthralled mine workers of a deranged magician.

Pan, the Goat-Footed Deity

Pan, the Goat-Footed Deity

Eno, recently home from a quest in Egypt, resumes his interrupted trip to his aging mother. The path takes him through Pan’s domain, and the woodland god has a deadly bone to pick with Eno.

On a previous adventure, Eno slayed Pan’s three daughters in self-defense. To make amends with the goat-footed deity, our hero must endure the woodland god’s curse plus do a good deed for Pan’s children.

Slavers ambush and capture Eno, along with a young man named Gwern. A clever ruse turns Eno into a shift captain of a most peculiar mining operation under a dark mountain. Gwern’s enslaved people have labored for generations in the thrall of an ancient mage who hears voices in the mountain’s rocks.

A Mage Hears Voices

A Mage Hears Voices

After the workers unearth the rock speaker, Eno then must use his superb strength, wits, and a touch of Pan’s curse to battle the darkest threat yet to Eno’s world.

Dark Mountain is a fun fantasy romp set in the time of Greek gods, ancient Egypt, and medieval villages. C. B. Pratt uses a skillful hand to create a vivid fantasy world where the reader smells the manure of the farmyards and feels the tickle of foaming ale on the lips. The conversations with the moody Pan are especially delightful. The Gentle Reader who likes heroic fantasy told through the eyes of a thoughtful strongman would enjoy Dark Mountain. This is the second of Eno’s enjoyable stories that Lita has read, and she looks forward to immersing herself in Eno’s next tale.

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