Necronomicon Enchanter: Alternate Essence

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret.


Some of Sye’s wild plants still produce magical power. These sources are weak compared to the potent essence that the Old Forest trees produce for the Enchanters’ consumption. The essence plants grow in the central highlands. Magically dependent animals, such as dragonettes, eat the magic plants to get their essence.

Tame Dragonettes Take Magical Essence From Enchanters

Tame Dragonettes Take Magical Essence From Enchanters

Except for a few abandoned experiments that yielded poor results, magical essence is only available for Sye’s human population via the Enchanters. Tame dragonettes live in the cities under the care of magicians who have a ready supply of Enchanter essence.

City-dwelling dragonettes no longer need to eat essence. They absorb it through skin contact with their human masters.

Magically satiated tame dragonettes can converse in simple sentences and are affectionate with dragonette keepers, and of course, with all Enchanters. The tame dragonettes like to gather in small groups on rooftops, sunbathe, and talk about their preferences for tasty fish and plants. Their multi-colored scales glisten like jewels in the sunshine.

Next Time: Clergy Secrets

Find out more about the Enchanters, Sciomancers, and their ongoing struggles in the books from the Enchanters of Sye world:

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