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Enchanters Thrust the Very Rocks From the Ground

Necronomicon Enchanter: Earthe and Mer Magic

Within the pages of the Necronomicon Enchanter book in Lita’s library, the curious may learn the Enchanters’ magical matters. Beware, for the knowledge might drive the reader mad with bitter desire and luscious regret.  

Because the Enchanters of Sye take the diluted magic of their world and concentrate it for human use, they organize magical abilities into five categories. Four categories favor ambient Sye magic. The last category represents all non-Enchanter magic, primarily spells by the Church, plus unclaimed and forbidden magic.

Earthe Enchanter

Earthe Enchanter


Enchanters that practice Earthe magic specialize in two aspects. The first specialty is the steady and abiding enchantments of rock and soil. These Enchanters use their powerful magical essence to sculpt stone into dwellings, and re-arrange the nature of fields to favor specific crops. Earthe mages can make the very rocks thrust up and out of the ground, and create rings of standing stones.

The second Earthe aspect favors the magic of plants, and the quick enchantments of land animals. These Enchanters delight in crop production, forest health, and cultivating flower beauty.

The Earthe mages in the Enchanter school at Halow oversee the essence creation process of the Old Forest trees. All Enchanters eat this tree essence, which causes profound thaumaturgical changes in their bodies. Enchanters generate human magical essence from the natural enchantments of the Old Forest trees.

Mer Enchanter

Mer Enchanter


The Mer Enchanters enjoy water spells. Mer magic also has two aspects. The first specialty is the quick effervescence of fresh water found on land, such as streams, lakes, and rain. These Enchanters can divert floods, change the course of a river, and construct dazzling fountains.

The second Mer aspect favors the deep power of saltwater seas. Mer specialists can summon marine life, turn the course of ocean currents, and influence storms over open water. These Enchanters can coax fish into fishermen’s nets, and divert destructive surf away from homes.

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Guild Matters Sye: Bird-of-Paradise

The Guild Matters Sye book whispers the arcane secrets of the Magic Workers and Merchant guilds.

An Earthe Green Dragonette

An Earthe Green Dragonette

The Bird-of-Paradise Flower resembles a dragonette in flight.

Wild blooms are blue, orange, and white. The plants grow in the warm and sunny coastal regions of Sye.

Maji’kers (Magic Guild mages) who keep dragonettes use the Bird-of-Paradise blooms in bouquets to represent their adored sentient magical pets.

Enchanters cultivate the Bird-of-Paradise in their gardens at the Five Schools, and use their magical essence to coax the flowers into the seven colors of the stones in their Uslar Rings:

  • Earthe (brown and deep green)
  • Mer (aqua and blue)
  • Aer (clear)
  • Fyre (scarlet and amber)


The Bird-of-Paradise retains spells fueled with Enchanter essence.

Easy spells make the flower flap “wings” and dip its head. More difficult spells detach the bloom,  make it flutter, and hover the bloom above the plant. The most advanced enchantments turn the flower into a tiny dragonette form. Enchanters can bespell an entire garden of Bird-of-Paradise. They turn the blooms into mewling miniatures, and the transformed flowers fly about and play with real dragonettes.

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