Come See These Wonders at the Bazaar

Lita takes Gentle Reader to the bazaar today.

Dizzy Yourself on Flying Chairs
Dizzy Yourself on Flying Chairs

Ah, look at all the lovely stories scattered about at Demelza’s bookseller’s stall. Her tales tell Gentle Reader why Hell is really the corporate world. Find all kinds of genres at Demelza’s–romance, YA, science fiction, and Lita’s favorite–fantasy. Browse the box sets, novels, and exciting short stories that are like a kiss in the dark by a stranger.

The bazaar has other magical wonders. Buy a beverage in a cup that fizzles away after your last sip. Dizzy yourself on flying chairs. There will even be a show tonight on trampoline.

Lita has a booth at the bazaar, too. All tickets to the wizard’s airship are now only 99 cents, no matter the destination. Welcome aboard. Visit the world of pellar magicians and hedge witches. Meet Lady Luck, Sir and Madam War, and the Queen of the Harpies. Check out the Clockpunk Wizard world at these bargain prices:

Forever Boy is available now on Amazon US/UK. Make your iPhone/iPad happy and pick it up in the Kobo store.

In this first trip to the Clockpunk Wizard world, a dog flees his cruel master, befriends a wizard, and discovers his shapeshifting magic. Let Lita introduce Gentle Reader to a couple of magical gents who have recently graduated from the Agatha University of Magical Arts and Sciences. Wizard Kadmeion and his half-elf assistant Sir Bright meet a dog with a remarkable enchantment.

Ephraim’s Curious Device is available now on Amazon US/UK. Don’t forget your smart phone, and get it at the Kobo store.

On this second trip to the Clockpunk Wizard world, a wizard seeks a magical thingummy to free his kidnapped familiar. A despicable minor noble has kidnapped Kadmeion’s familiar, and our two magic men set out on a series of adventures to find a trifle that will free Furgo. Problem is, this magical gadget may not exist.

Old Bony Blue Eyes is available now on Amazon US/UK. See, it’s also available at the Kobo store.

On this third trip to the Clockpunk Wizard world, a wizard faces a dangerous journey to Sir Death’s castle to win a powerful spell book for a love-starved dragon. Furgo comes along with Kadmeion and Bright to the edge of their plate-shaped ocean world, and beyond. They discover that Death’s wizard is not what they expected at all.

Bestiarum Vocabulum: Hydra

The Bestiarum Vocabulum is the wizard’s encyclopedia of faerie beasties and mundane crossovers living in the lake and forest near Lita’s castle.


hydra [hahy druh] noun, c.1350; L < Gr hýdrā < ME ydre < MFr; also sea snake, water serpent.

  1. Denizen of the Clockpunk Wizard world.
  2. A magical sentient creature that lives in freshwater lakes and marshes. It has nine heads atop long sinuous necks, and a barrel-shaped body with front flippers and webbed hind feet. The hydra’s primary magic is the ability to regrow its severed heads. Hydrae are immune to enchantments. Wizards can kill a hydra by burning all nine neck stumps with mundane acid before the replacement heads sprout.
  3. Personages: Sir Death’s ferryman in Old Bony Blue Eyes.
  4. See “Old Bony Blue Eyes Book Trailer

News Release: Clockpunk Explained

More chit-chat around the web about Lita’s goings-on.

Clockpunk Wizard Blends Traditional Fantasy with the Gritty Steampunk Genre
Clockpunk Wizard Blends Traditional Fantasy with the Gritty Steampunk Genre

Check out this news release: Clockpunk Explained: Fantasy Author Releases New Tell-All Video at 1888 Press Release.

Here is what they had to say:

“Award-winning author Lita Burke describes the unusual blend of traditional fantasy with the gritty Steampunk genre.”

Author Lita Burke has released a new video that explains the merge of fantasy magical elements and Steampunk into the hybrid genre she calls Clockpunk Wizard. The free video is available for immediate viewing on Lita Burke’s stories take place in a Renaissance-style world featuring the young Wizard Kadmeion and his half-elf assistant, Sir Bright.

“Many fantasy fans are familiar with Steampunk and its icons of corsets, top hats, and welder goggles…more at 1888 Press Release…

Find Old Bony Blue Eyes on Amazon US, UK, Goodreads, Smashwords, B&N, and Kobo.

Visit YouTube to watch Lita’s video Clockpunk Wizard World and Old Bony Blue Eyes.

Read about Lita’s other News Releases.

Explore Lita’s Fantasy Worlds.

Dramatis Personæ: Lanith

The Dramatis Personæ is the roster of conjurers and sentient magical creatures staying in the many rooms, grottos, and byways of Lita’s castle. Here is the guest book for the Enchanters of Sye Tower.

Lanith A’edredohr Vendbebelot
Lanith A’edredohr Vendbebelot

Lanith [lān ləth] proper noun, c.1614; Sumerian lilla, a demon < Akkadian lilītu < H lîlît; also A’edredohr

  • Profession: Vendbebelot (“Curios Seller”)
  • Race: human, female, age early thirties
  • Appearance: Beautiful. Lanith has blond hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin. She has an average build, but tends toward slender.
  • Common Name: Lanith
  • Private Name: A’edredohr (“Stream Daughter”)
  • Native Magic: Lanith is a superior tradeswoman magician. She has expert level skills with the many spells for charms, magical lockets, fetishes, and amulets.
  • Education/Vocation: Isor Convent Finishing School
  • Milieu: Lanith is a denizen of the Enchanters of Sye world.
Lanith is a Merchant’s Wife in the Seaside Town of Isor
Lanith is a Merchant’s Wife in the Seaside Town of Isor

Lanith spent her childhood as a poor farmer’s daughter. When she was a teenager, Lanith’s parents sent her to the city. At a young woman’s finishing school, Lanith learned a lady’s genteel ways that would prepare her for acceptance into city society. During a Church-sponsored event, she met Guild Maji’ker (“Magician”) Tredan. After a proper courtship, they married. She now lives the comfortable life of an urban middle class merchant’s wife in the seaside city of Isor. After nine years, their union has yet to produce children.

Lanith and Arnl’jhott
Lanith and Arnl’jhott

Soon after marriage, Lanith attended classes at the Merchant Guild.  She and her husband run a well-respected magical curios shop. They import more than half of their stock, and buy the rest from Isor’s local magical tradespeople. Tredan’s skill is with making pleasure charms, which they sell in their shop.

Lanith owns a rare pet—her blue male dragonette named Arnl’jhott. This affectionate and talkative creature joins her on monthly visits to the Church orphanage, where she holds a crafts workshop in amulet making. The merchant woman and her dragonette are a favorite with the children.

Lanith lives a magically unusual life. Her husband is a former Enchanter, and these magicians are the most powerful mages in her world of Sye. They hold the key for producing magical essence, which fuels all the spell casting arts.

Tredan and Lanith Run a Magical Curios Shop
Tredan and Lanith Run a Magical Curios Shop

Practicing Enchanters have delicate magic and are surprisingly vulnerable. They live apart from society in one of five enclaves to protect themselves from hostile magicians. Among other peculiarities of the Enchanters’ magical profession, the Church refuses to let them marry. Tredan left the Enchanter discipline and adopted the Church-approved life of a secular magician. Although he no longer can produce magical essence in the same quantities as before, he has plenty to lavish on his wife, dragonette, and custom curios in his shop.

Tredan's Magical Essence Made Lanith Beautiful
Tredan’s Magical Essence Made Lanith Beautiful

This essence-rich environment gives Lanith the luxury of cultivating her native magical talents. Tredan’s magical essence has also enhanced her natural beauty, and made his wife especially attractive to the Enchanters.

Lanith’s attention to details makes her an exceptional trade magician and proficient in these thaumaturgical skills:

  • Charms. Her skills include many spells to create, diagnose, and repair all types of magical charms, lockets, and fetishes.
  • Soma Touch. Lanith’s magical empathy ability allows her to sense the emotions in her store customers and recommend the proper charm, especially when she can touch their hand.
  • Paersenwierding (“person warding magic”). Cultivated by her husband Tredan, this skill allows Lanith to protect other magicians while they cast spells. Powerful mages, especially Enchanters, are at risk from attack while distracted with the intricacies of spell weaving.

Read more about Lanith in these Enchanter of Sye stories:

Valentine’s Day is Dangerous for Wizards

Valentine’s Day is the time to indulge your sweetheart with love’s magic…unless you’re a wizard.

Lita is busy transcribing Wizard Kadmeion’s travel journal for the next adventure he calls Glitter Ponies. In this Clockpunk Wizard story, Lady Luck’s young daughter helps Kadmeion and Bright discover the cause of a mysterious unicorn illness on Wuddlekins Island. There is more. Be still our fluttering hearts; love lurks on this snowy elf island that floats far above the sea.

Headmistress Thomasyn of the Bullfinch Conservatoire of Gauds, Baubles, and Glamour
Headmistress Thomasyn of the Bullfinch Conservatoire of Gauds, Baubles, and Glamour

Our two magic men face the most dangerous challenge of their budding wizardry-for-hire careers. Girlfriends.

Womanly wiles lurk. There is the elf charmer, Madam Loveday, plus the local schoolmarm of the Bullfinch Conservatoire of Gauds, Baubles, and Glamour, Miss Thomasyn. Watch out, gentlemen–these sorceresses will leave you witless.

Their ward on this trip, Miss Probability, learns that yucky boy kisses aren’t bad at all. And all three discover that when they mix wizardry, luck, and unicorns, love is magically unpredictable.

Read the Glitter Ponies back cover blurb.

Stop Your Blather

Lita takes Gentle Reader to the Enchanters of Sye world today, with an excerpt from her award-winning short story, Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane.

It Had a Heavy Golden Chain. And Potent Spells.
It Had a Heavy Golden Chain. And Potent Spells.

Retired Enchanter Tredan is alone in his magical curio shop, unpacking a box of charms.

A routine shipment holds an unpleasant surprise–a rival magician called a Church Enforcer has planted a charm inside the box that captures its recipient within a powerful enthrallment.

Tredan poses as a harmless secular magician now, and thought he was far removed from the Enchanter versus Church politics. But he has a shameful secret. This Enforcer knows about Tredan’s spell book, and the day of reckoning has arrived for the retired Enchanter. The Enforcer talks to Tredan through this Compulsion Charm.

Tredan forced his fingers open and stared at the Compulsion Charm. Unlike the other cheap charms in the box, this one had intricate scrollwork etched into a sparkling outer casing. It had a heavy golden chain. And potent spells.

He Kept His Hideous Journal Safe All These Years
He Kept His Hideous Journal Safe All These Years

Come to me. Bring the journal.

He had been cautious and kept his hideous journal safe all these years. How could he have been so susceptible? He was now caught and could not escape. Tredan bowed his head. His world went dark. For a time, all else went away except his despair. If the Enforcer came now, Tredan would surrender and be done with his furtive struggle.

Time passed. His black stupor lifted. Tredan raised his head.

“I will not hand over the journal. My bane.”

You will, Tredan.

“My marriage would be a sham if I gave up the journal now. I would not have Lanith think I used her to hide my secret.”

Tredan's Marriage to Lanith Would Be a Sham If He Gave Up the Journal Now
Tredan’s Marriage to Lanith Would Be a Sham If He Gave Up the Journal Now

You failed long ago when you accepted His Divine’s magic.

“He tricked me.”

Enchanters were gullible then. That’s why you fell.

“The Enchanters trusted the Church then. There’s a difference.” Tredan took a deep breath. “His Divine’s magic forced me to write the journal. I accept what’s happened.”

You’re resigned. Good.

“I’ve hidden it well.”

I’ll find the journal despite your stubbornness.

Tredan dropped the Compulsion Charm into his pocket. “Stop your blather, Church filth. I have matters to attend to.”

(Wrath, Prequel to Tredan’s Bane excerpt Copyright 2011 by Lita Burke. All rights reserved.)

Read more in Chapter 1

Wrath on Amazon US

Wrath on Amazon UK

Wrath on Smashwords

Wrath on Barnes & Noble

Wrath on Kobo

Review: My Déjà vu Lover

My Déjà vu Lover by Phoebe Matthews is a contemporary romance about April, a twenty-something woman who relives flashbacks about an alluring boyfriend in a past life.

Flashbacks Plunge April Into the Starlet’s Life
Flashbacks Plunge April Into the Starlet’s Life

April is an out-of-work store clerk with three inseparable best friends named Cyd, Mac, and Tom. Her life is going along just fine until a terrifying vision of a car crash that killed a 1950s Hollywood starlet drops April into this woman’s last moments. At the most inconvenient times, more flashbacks plunge April into the starlet’s life before the crash. The actress’s love-struck visions swirl around her infatuation with a married leading man.

Her three friends humor April, convinced that she is making things up. But the ongoing visions show the starlet’s name. Tom flies April to the actress’s hometown where April discovers that this starlet was a real person. The four friends write it off to coincidence.

Then the starlet’s reincarnated lover walks into April’s life. She cannot resist this modern-day married man, and her life becomes stuck on the same path as the doomed starlet.

The Kind of Guy That Mothers Warn Their Daughters About
The Kind of Guy That Mothers Warn Their Daughters About

My Déjà vu Lover is a page-turner story about a likable heroine who cannot resist temptation–again.

Past lives and reincarnation have a fresh treatment here, and the plot delivers a nice mix of mystery and forbidden love. Phoebe Matthews creates believable, modern-day characters. The reincarnated lover is the kind of guy that mothers warn their daughters about, but alas, these charming hunks are just irresistible.

Gentle Readers who love time travel romances would enjoy My Déjà vu Lover. Just remember mother’s warnings about those seductive leading men.

My Déjà vu Lover on Amazon US

My Déjà vu Lover on Amazon UK

My Déjà vu Lover on Goodreads

Phoebe Matthews on Goodreads

Phoebe Matthews website

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