How the Airship Works

Kadmeion dribbled his coffee on the map. Sorry about the stains.

Welcome to the topside Map Room in Wizard Kadmeion’s airship. It adjoins the Pilot House.

Plate Geography

The magical world of Clockpunk Wizard  in Forever Boy is a spinning plate with a large mountainous land mass at the spindle called the South Pole. The rest of the platter is a vast ocean dotted with small sandy cays.

The strong magical field at the South Pole causes a certain volcanic rock to float. These rocks break away from the primary landmass and drift toward the Rim. These hundreds of floating islands are the habitable archipelago for the magicians and other inhabitants of the Clockpunk Wizard world.

The weather is calm near the South Pole. Storms are common toward the outer edge of the plate. At the Rim boundary, violent winds destroy everything. All the floating islands eventually drift to the Rim and disappear. Smaller islands move more quickly to their death. The largest floating islands can last for a century or longer.

Magical creatures flourish on the floating islands. Many island residents have need of a wizard’s skilled services. This is the basis of Kadmeion and Bright’s roving magician-for-hire business.

An “Ornithopter” personal flying machine by Da Vinci

Concerning Airships and Leonardo

The people and magical creatures of the Clockpunk Wizard  world lived only on the South Pole landmass until they mastered how to mine floating rock. They line the hulls of their airships with the buoyant rock, and use sails to maneuver the airships between floating islands. Clockworks are an integral part of airship operation. We’ll look at the metalwork a little later in one of the below decks Gear Rooms.

Recently, the brilliant inventor Da Vinci perfected a series of flying apparatuses that revolutionized personal mobility. His establishment, called Leonardo’s Airborne Contraptions, is doing a brisk business from his workshop at the South Pole. His clever designs appear everywhere on Kadmeion’s new airship.

On to the Pilot House now to meet the homunculi.

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