Forever Boy Book Launch Party Begins

Watch your step. Gang planks can wobble.

Welcome! You’re just in time. Please hold on to the handrail as you come aboard.

The Forever Boy book launch party will be on Wizard Kadmeion’s airship today. I’m to show you around.

Kadmeion, Bright, and the Go Fer dog will meet us later in the dining room for celebration cake. We have permission to talk with the pilot Copernicus and look at the automata. I have a key for all the rooms. Kadmeion says that he’s not working any spells today, so our explorations will be quite safe. Bright asks us not to touch the clockworks, but we can look all we want.

Over the next four hours, Lita will put up several blog posts during our airship tour and talk about the magical world in Clockpunk Wizard. Be sure to ask your questions along the way. If there’s anything Lita doesn’t know, she will ask the wizard or his clockworks assistant.

A small airship. Kadmeion’s is much larger.

About the Giveaway

(Please Note: the Giveaway has closed) During our tour of Kadmeion’s airship, the wizard has asked me to give away copies of Forever Boy. If you haven’t yet gotten your eBook from one of the dock-side merchants on your way here, just send Lita an email at: LitaBurkeWriter(at-thingy)gmail(dot)com. I will email you a coupon code for Smashwords. It’s that easy.There’s plenty to see on Kadmeion’s airship. Let’s get to it. Our first stop is the Map Room.

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