Which Wizard Would Create a Monkey Homunculus?

Monkey Business About Old Bony Blue Eyes

1000 Monkeys at 1000 Typewriters for 1000 Years

1000 Monkeys at 1000 Typewriters for 1000 Years–They Might Write Shakespeare, but Still Wouldn’t Have as Much Fun as the Simians in Old Bony Blue Eyes

Those adorable, clever simians! Lita is a monkey’s uncle auntie over the commotion about Old Bony.

Take a look at what Chris The Story Reading Ape’s New (to me) Authors Blog has to say in a promo about Lita’s Old Bony Blue Eyes. Grab a handy vine and swing over for other fun articles on the Ape’s homepage.

Simians and Wizardry

The fantasy world of Clockpunk Wizard in Old Bony Blue Eyes features wizards who summon minor demons to animate homunculi. Kadmeion and his assistant Sir Bright specialize in clockwork automata, but they have peers who create homunculi from plants–such as mandrake roots–and (shudder) animal bodies. Lita has already explained Kadmeion and Bright’s brand of wizardry elsewhere.

Which Wizard on Sir Death's Island Would Create a Monkey Homunculus?

Which Wizard on Sir Death’s Island Would Create a Monkey Homunculus?

Could a wizard use erstwhile monkeys for automata? Well, yes. Which wizard on Sir Death’s island would do such a horrible thing? The answer might surprise Gentle Reader. Check out Kadmeion’s visit with Sir Death in Old Bony Blue Eyes to discover which wizard would do such monkey business.

Rig Monkeys

In a fantasy world stuffed with the technology of Leonardo da Vinci, Kadmeion’s home is an airship powered by wind and wizardry, and has Copernicus, a clockworks homunculus, as its pilot. Humans and automata work in the topside rigging on airships.

Malfunctioning Rig Monkey

Malfunctioning Rig Monkey

Frequent storms and random magical interferences require rig monkeys to constantly tend airship sails. Because of the harsh topside conditions, automata rig monkeys frequently malfunction.

Bright worked as a rig monkey while attending Agatha University. He finds rope-swinging skills critical in saving his friends in Old Bony, but there is something fishy about the circumstances. Lita will not say anymore–she mustn’t spoil the surprise.

After reading The Story Reading Ape’s promo about Old Bony, if Gentle Reader is curious for more Lita Burke gossip, then take a look at the News Releases page.

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