Kadmeion’s Magic

Magic in the Clockpunk Wizard world is ~twisty~

Here is one of Kadmeion’s workrooms. Bright’s clockworks lab is next door.

Wizard Kadmeion is university trained and practices high magic. He graduated four months ago from Agatha University, with high honors. His assistant is Sir Bright, also a recent university graduate, who is a talented clockworks designer.

Inverse Magic

Most of the university-trained wizards’ magic is considered inverse, or illogical. This differs from the regular magical approach in the mechanical clockworks craft Bright practices. These two contradictory magic approaches, when combined into a well-made automata body, is the favored home for discriminating minor demons.

Most magicians do not have the mental quirks to tolerate the ~twisty~ nature of Inverse Magic. Wizards are difficult to train and their special magick is in demand for those who can afford it. On the other hand, there are many clockworks magicians with varying skill levels.

Clockworks and Meat-Man Magic

Wizards generally team up with an assistant skilled in one of the two areas of regular magic: Meat-Men, or Clockworks.

Meat-Men craft homunculi bodies made from plant or animal components. Corpses animated by minor demons are usually shambling zombies, although other undead are more advanced if the wizard craft summons a smarter demon. Animating plant matter, such as the popular mandrake roots, has its harsh toll on the persons who take part in the spell.

Clockworks practitioners assemble complex mechanisms from metal components. Gears, levers, springs, and similar items allows parts of the metal bodies to move. Using minor demons solve the problems with the main springs winding down.

Let’s go to the Gear Rooms next, then see the crew quarters.

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