Lita's Magic Show

Lita’s Magic Show: Desire and a Spell Book

Enchanters and Ghosts Walk in the Fields of Yalu

Enchanters and Ghosts Walk in the Fields of Yalu

Welcome to evening time in the forest near Lita’s castle.  Wandering wizards camp here in colorful carts and put on their magic shows.

A lovely blond sorceress stands and gives us a winsome grin. She curtsies, twitches the skirt of her sparkly green gown, and scatters its earth magic in a mint-scented cloud around the campfire.

“Be careful whom you kiss in Lita’s fantasy worlds,” madam magician says.  “An Enchanter’s kiss awakens inner magic and destroys resolve. I have a story about a magical tome and sunny tombs. Let us speak with the ghosts and follow the Enchanters into the Fields of Yalu. We might return with our heart’s sour and lovely desire.”

The sorceress gives us her cautionary tale about magical passion and an oddities dealer who hides her kidnapped husband’s spell book.

Here begins the magic woman’s warning.

Next time, a half-breed elf whistles his haunting magic about Mermaid Fare and a Dragon.

See the other magic shows where a talking dog tells us about Mandrakes and Minor Demons, a dapper wizardling spins his yarn on Harsh Words and a Familiar, and a mage speaks of a Dire Secret and a Dragonette.

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