Lita’s Magic Show: Dire Secret and a Dragonette

Dire Secret and a Dragonette

Dire Secret and a Dragonette

Welcome to the forest near Lita’s castle–a place where wandering wizards pull up their colorful carts and put on magic shows.

This is the first of a series of posts about the comings and goings of the folks at the ongoing magic faire outside of Lita’s castle. When dusk settles in, the mages gather and tell their stories around the campfire. They form images and sounds from the flames and smoke. Let’s pull up a stool and listen to the first tale:

“Glimpse dragons so tiny, they perch on their masters’ shoulders and coo like doves.  Discover a magician’s secret that threatens all he holds dear.”

This mage whispers a cautionary tale about a dragonette and an Enchanter’s battle to keep his shameful spells out of the wrong hands.

Read how this story begins.

Next time, a wizard tells his story about Harsh Words and a Familiar.

4 thoughts on “Lita’s Magic Show: Dire Secret and a Dragonette

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