Find Fantasy at the Bazaar

Find Fantasy Here at the Bazaar

A Dark Busker Twirls Her Skirt

A Dark Busker Twirls Her Skirt

Lita takes Gentle Reader to the bazaar today. Come, let us find the booths with the fantasy books.

The bazaar is a mysterious place, stuffed with wonders for the senses. Over there, a dark busker twirls her skirt until it turns into black butterflies that smell like sage. Listen to the muddled music. Some songs are lilting whistles, and they flit about like wrens. Other earthy tunes thrum with drums–feel them throb in your gut? Food vendors perfume the air with aromas of cinnamon bread, creamy vanilla candies, and grilled meat spiced with peppers. Let us sample some of the rich fare.

Authors' Cave Favorite Fantasy Books

Authors’ Cave Favorite Fantasy Books

Hear the bazaar’s vendors call to us using sing-song voices? Book fanciers say that the magical tomes are in the back, over there. Shall we step into this shaded booth? Mind the low awning. Here, Lita will hold it aside while you duck your head and go in. Look. Fantasy books–Lita’s favorite–are stacked everywhere. The Authors’ Cave proprietor says:

“Just finished the latest book from your favorite author? We know how it feels! We’re readers, too! And the sad part is, it might be a year, or even two, before the next release…you wander aimlessly, trying to figure out what to read next.”

Authors’ Cave shares some fantastic books that have become all-time favorites to its members. Read more from Authors’ Cave…

It won’t hurt a thing to take a peek. Lift the covers of these enchanting fantasy books at the Authors’ Cave booth, breathe deep their magical glue-and-paper aroma, and glimpse the wonders inside:

Division of the Marked by March McCarron
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


The Forest Bull by Terry Maggert
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


Hero for Hire by C. B. Pratt
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


Forever Boy by Lita Burke
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


Scepter by Scott Collins
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


A Demon’s Quest by Charles Carfagno Jr.
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


Children of Fire by Mary Fonvielle
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


Trials of Hallion, Two of Swords by Maria Greene
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


Souls of the Never by Colin Rutherford
At Amazon US/UK and on Goodreads


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