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Forever Boy – “Perfect for YA” Says

“Forever Boy is a wonderful escape story for older kids,” says an reviewer. “As well as adults who love a good magical fantasy that is unlike anything they’ve ever read before.”

Discover the Go Fer Dog's Magic in Forever Boy

Discover the Go Fer Dog’s Magic in Forever Boy

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Their Parent & Education Examiner,  Rhonda Cratty, recently read Lita Burke’s Forever Boy. Here is how her review begins:

Ready to read something original? Forever Boy (Clockpunk Wizard Book 1) by Lita Burke is unlike anything you have read before. Perfect for the YA reader. If Clockpunk genre is new to you, its fantasy/science fiction set in an age of clockwork machines, hansom cabs and airships. Lita has created a whole new unique world, with new rules and spiritual values.

Find out why the reviewer thinks Forever Boy is a perfect read for older kids. Read the entire review at Forever Boy perfect for the YA reader on Visit Rhonda Cratty on or go to the homepage.

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