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Review: Delphinia’s Willow

Delphinia’s Willow by Lana Axe is a fantasy short story about a forest dryad and her encounter with a wizard.

Wizard Casts a Spell

Wizard Casts a Spell

The willow dryad Delphinia awakes troubled one morning. She searches for the disruption that has unsettled her beloved forest.

Her investigations uncover an elf wizard whose careless spells has harmed the plants and animals. The dryad rages at his indifference to the woods, but the gentle willow spirit can do nothing to harm the magician. The wizard casts a spell to stun Delphinia and whisks her away.

Dryad's Hand

Dryad’s Hand

He takes the kidnapped dryad to the stony city to auction off his prize to other magicians. But a horrible surprise awaits the arrogant wizard when the forest dryad escapes.

Delphinia’s Willow is a lovely little story that pits earth magic against wizardry. It reads like a cautionary tale for children, but adults would enjoy the dryad’s resolve to right a wrong and the unexpected outcome. The wizard’s fate is especially good for a smile. Lita looks forward to reading more tales from this talented fantasy author.

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