Mermaid's Island

Bestiarum Vocabulum: Mermaid

The Bestiarum Vocabulum is the wizard’s encyclopedia of faerie beasties and mundane crossovers living in the lake and forest near Lita’s castle.



mermaid [ˈmər-ˌmād] noun, c.1300-1450; OE merewif (see wife) < ME mermayde from mere “sea, lake” + maid; c.1600 merman; also siren, merman (male equivalent), and merfolk (both sexes).

  1. Denizen of the Clockpunk Wizard world.
  2. A saltwater creature with the upper body of a human woman and the lower body of a fish. Generally magic starved. To gain magical power, merfolk will tear apart and consume wizards that fall into their inhabited waters.
  3. Personages: mermaids under Nottinghamshire Isle in Forever Boy who loved Kadmeion’s mentor to death; merfolk riding the Water Pearls in Old Bony Blue Eyes on the way to Rim’s End Island.
  4. See “3 Naughty Ladies of Fantasy Fiction” and “Lita’s Magic Show: Mermaid Fare and a Dragon

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