An airship in the Clockpunk Wizard world

News Release: See Clockpunk Wizardry

Hop on Your Favorite Steed and Come Take a Look

Hop on Your Favorite Steed and Come Take a Look

More chit-chat around the web about Lita’s goings-on.

Check out See Clockpunk Wizardry: Fantasy Author Releases New Book Trailer at 1888 Press Release. Here’s what they had to say:

“In a plate-shaped ocean world where Luck, War, and Death are magicians who sing twisty magic, comes the latest book trailer by fantasy writer Lita Burke.”

Author Lita Burke has released a book trailer for the novel Old Bony Blue Eyes, a new story in Ms. Burke’s Clockpunk Wizard series. The free trailer is available for immediate viewing on It takes place in a Renaissance-style world, where Wizard Kadmeion takes a dangerous trip to Sir Death’s castle to fetch a spell book for a lovelorn dragon.

“One thing I love about the fantasy genre…more at 1888 Press Release

Watch other videos by Lita Burke on YouTube. Read about Lita’s other News Releases. Get Old Bony Blue Eyes now for Kindle, Nook, and iPad/iPhone.

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