Advice to all Wizards Visiting Death's Castle--Bring Your Own Food, and Do the Cooking

Just Dying to Visit Sir Death’s Castle

Warning to all Wizards Visiting Sir Death's Castle--You Must Do the Cooking

Warning to all Wizards Visiting Sir Death’s Castle–You Must Do the Cooking

Magicians in the Clockpunk Wizard world gossip about the reclusive Sir Death, whose wizardry began long before their world created the Magic Guild.

In this coming Saturday, August 31st release of Old Bony Blue Eyes, Wizard Kadmeion has endured the morality tales of Death’s hobbies and suffered a profound loss to his magical ability on his journey to Sir Death’s castle. And those aren’t the worst parts of the trip.

A humiliating game with the threat of years of magical servitude to Old Bony Blue Eyes await Kadmeion if he loses. All this because of his promise to a love-starved dragon. At least he doesn’t have to do any magical chores during his visit–just the cooking.

Why endure these insults? Because all the world’s magical knowledge await in Sir Death’s library. If Kadmeion wins the day, his prize is what matters most to wizards. Access to powerful spells. A step-by-step book that explains women. And most important of all, he learns what happens when powerful wizards tell really, really good jokes.

In just a couple of days, Gentle Reader can get a copy of Old Bony Blue Eyes and learn these answers, too. Here is how Kadmeion’s journey to Sir Death’s castle begins in Chapter 1 of Old Bony Blue Eyes.

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