Sneak Peek: Old Bony Blue Eyes Cover

Old Bony Blue Eyes by Lita BurkeLita’s next Clockpunk Wizard story, Old Bony Blue Eyes, has its new face–here is the eBook cover.

In the previous story Ephraim’s Curious Device, Wizard Kadmeion and his assistant Sir Bright first met the dragon named Lady Betrayal and had her help them find Ephraim’s magical thingummy. The dragon returns in Old Bony Blue Eyes, and calls in a favor from Kadmeion–he must acquire a rare magic book called the Dragon Lore and magick one of its spells for her.

In addition to Kadmeion and Bright, the wizard’s familiar Furgo comes along on their adventure. They must pass the tests from Lord War, seek help from Lady Luck, and use their wits on the floating island that is home to the most dangerous librarian of all, Death. “Old Bony” is a gambler and is always ready to wager with wizards. Despite the enormous risk, Kadmeion must win the Dragon Lore from Death in a game of dice. Even with Lady Luck’s help, he could lose everything, including his life. Because in the Clockpunk Wizard world, even a game of chance has its own ~twisty~ magic.

Read the back cover blurb for Old Bony Blue Eyes. Release date is August 31, 2013.

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