Tredan’s Bane Reviewed on Book-O-Matic

Why are characters with murky pasts so appealing?  Why doesn’t the cover convey what’s inside?  What did Lita get right?

Daniel at Book-O-Matic recently read Tredan’s Bane, and posted a review on his blog.

Be sure to check out his candid and thoughtful reviews of other books on his blog’s homepage.

For Tredan’s Bane, find the answers to the above questions, and get the scoop on other aspects of the story.  Also see what Daniel’s blog readers are saying about the cover.  Do they love it?  Hate it?  Lita also explains why she used this cover.

Daniel’s review of Tredan’s Bane

Tredan’s Bane reviews on Amazon

Tredan’s Bane on YouTube

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