Lita Talks: Tips for Quality Book Trailers

What goes in the script? What’s a budget-friendly source for high-quality photos? How do movie and book trailers differ?

Talking Trailers

Nic of Bookmark Reviews recently interviewed me, Lita Burke, and I told him the low-down on how I created a high-quality book trailer for under $100 for Tredan’s Bane. I told all about how to create a script, where to get compelling photos and music, and even how to assemble the trailer.

Nic is a reviewer at a fresh, new blog featuring honest critiques of indie books in a variety of genres.  The blog also highlights candid writer interviews. Nic’s well-designed site makes it easy to scan titles and jump into a book’s nitty-gritty review. So, what is the difference between movie and book trailers? Read Nic’s interview to find out.

Nic Interviews Lita Burke

Nic’s Book Review Blog

Tredan’s Bane Book Trailer

Tredan’s Bane on Amazon

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