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About the journey of becoming an Indie writer.

No Carrier Pigeons Need Apply

No Carrier Pigeons Needed

No Carrier Pigeons Needed

I’ve added a Contact page to the Lita Burke website.  You won’t need any carrier pigeons to keep in touch with the latest news about Lita Burke books on Facebook, website, blog, and soon to be available, Twitter.

Also check out the new About Lita page for a blurb about what motivates me to write.  If you’d like to get an email moments after I update my blog, be sure to use the easy sign-up (Follow Blog via Email) button in the right margin of this blog page.  Instant gratification has never been so easy.

You can get to the two new pages, Contact and About Lita, through the main menu bar at the top of this blog page.

Copyright This and That

Old BooksI discovered how straightforward it was to get an online copyright registration for Wrath.  See Copyright Office for the details.

Here’s the process:  follow the “eCO” link, fill out the form, enter payment information, upload a copy of your work, and get a confirmation.  They accept credit cards to pay for the fee (which was reasonable).

A-Editing We Will Go

I’ve edited Wrath yesterday and today.

In general, my drafts suffer from two problems: too loquacious (today’s word for the day from my grammar calendar), and misbehaving commas.  I’m investigating proof/edit apps to help me slay my grammatical two-headed dragon.  Two editing programs caught my eye, and I’ve downloaded the demos from their websites to try them out:

Plenty of other reviewers have posted their discoveries on these apps (you might want to check Google to find and read the reviews yourself).

Are you using any proof/edit apps for your fiction that’s worth a look?  If so, please let us know what you recommend.

Hello world!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Lita Burke’s website and blog.

I’m at the very start of this journey to publish my fantasy fiction for your perusal and enjoyment.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.  Check this site,, frequently for information about upcoming titles.  I’ll also share tips, tools, and hard-earned information I’ll learn along with way.

Are you ready?  So am I.  How does the saying go?  The longest journey begins with a single step?

Together now.  One, two, three . . .