Enchanters Would Like the Look

Check out the new appearance, organization, and artwork for LitaBurke.com. The facelift features a cleaner look with easy links of the left side of the page. The blog posts now show tags and other info on a crisp white background to make them easier on the eyes.

The banner artwork has also changed to capture the spirit of Lita’s fantasy worlds. All you’ll need to travel to Sye is one of Lita’s books and the willingness to go on an adventure. You can find Lita most days at the Isor Enchanter School. If she’s not there, GrandMaster Sahn can cast a spell to find Lita if she’s out on an errand at the fish market with one of the School’s dragonettes, or searching for talkative ghosts in Isor’s Old Church Catacombs.

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