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In The Fairy Forest

Care of a Fey-Folk Fairy (Part 2)

Here is more about Tinker Bell’s naughtier cousins—the fairies flitting about in the woodlands near Lita’s castle.

A Water Fairy Helps a Friend

A Water Fairy Helps a Friend

This post is the second of two (go here to see the previous one) with tips on how to care for fey-folk. Last time, Gentle Reader learned the practical aspects of fairy care. Today’s topics focus on their magical matters.

Pixie Dust

Because they are so small, fey-folk cannot sing word spells like wizards, nor can fairies whistle magic like elf mages. A fairy instead sheds its magic when it flies and leaves a glittering trail. This fairy magic (also called pixie dust) settles, sparkles for a while, then fades. If pixie dust is kept in a corked bottle, the fey magic lingers indefinitely.

In the Clockpunk Wizard world, fairies are wee fluffs of trivial magic and disregarded by all serious magicians. Only elf mages, and a certain unconventional human wizard, find the fey-folk’s enchantments useful. Some humans are allergic to pixie dust–it makes them sneeze rainbows.

A House Cat Who Ate Too Many Enchanted Mice

A House Cat Who Ate Too Many Enchanted Mice

When they can find it, unicorns, boggarts, and dragons inhale pixie dust for its intoxicating effects. You could say that for a while they become fey.

Mice that chew shed alicorn (unicorn’s horn) also become a bit mad. They go about collecting pixie dust and create jewelry from it, namely sparkly tiaras. The bling, unfortunately, makes it easier for predators to spot them. House cats who eat these enchanted rodents develop a predilection for pearls. They caterwauler spells to transform their bell collars into luscious pearl necklaces.

A Woodland Fairy Hurt Her Foot

A Woodland Fairy Hurt Her Foot

Deepest Magical Sorrow

Fey-folk are carefree creatures. Their pixie dust brings happy thoughts and temporary silliness to the partakers.

But the fairies have a deepest sorrow. These tiny magicians are so closely tied to their habitat, they cannot survive without it.

In the plate-shaped ocean world of Clockpunk Wizard, its floating islands drift outward from the hub to the rim. The ferocious Rim Storms tear apart these spent lands, obliterating everything on them that cannot flee. The resident fairies sense their floating island’s pending destruction. They lie down, close their eyes, and will themselves not to awaken.

Sometimes a kindhearted mage will coax dying fairies to accept a binding enchantment to replace their habitat magic instead of taking the longest sleep. Here begins the tale of a young wizard who tried that very thing to save the fey-folk of doomed Hurt Island.

Forest Fairies

Care of a Fey-Folk Fairy (Part 1)

See the Strands of Pixie Dust ?

See the Strands of Pixie Dust ?

Meet Tinker Bell’s naughtier cousins—the fairies flitting about in the woodlands near Lita’s castle.

Today, Lita talks about the worldly fairies that go with Kadmeion on his wizard-for-hire adventures. These wee magicians fly in, lavish their wizard with effervescent pixie dust, and give him spicy relationship advice. Despite the frivolity, these pretty spell casters harbor a deep magical sorrow.

This post is the first of two with tips for Gentle Reader on how to care for a fey-folk fairy. Today we focus on practical matters. Next time, we will talk about a fairy’s magical concerns.

Let’s Straighten This Out

First of all, why are they called fey-folk, instead of fay, faie, fee, or fae? The wizard’s Bestiarum Vocabulum describes fairy magic as flighty, fanciful, fragile, fantastical, fickle, and foolish. To reduce the tongue twisting, Lita calls them fey.

A Highland Fairy

A Highland Fairy

Beautiful Ones

Fey-folk fairies are classic lovelies. They stand no taller than a hand length when measured from wrist to the longest fingertip. They weigh little more than a happy thought.

Fairies have elongated pointed ears similar to elf-kind, curvy attractive bodies, and beautiful faces. The boy-fey are just as comely as the girl-fey.

They use their multi-lobed gorgeous wings to soar like hawks on updrafts or hover like hummingbirds kissing flowers for nectar. Wizards, elf mages, and certain sorceresses hear the tinkling of tiny bells in a fairy’s thrumming flight. The jingling is a sure sign that all is well with the fairy’s magic.

Home of a Woodland Fairy

Home of a Woodland Fairy


Fairies take their coloring from where they live. There are four types of fey-folk:

  • Highland fairies have wings the color of sunshine, and sound like the whisper of shushing snow during flight.
  • When water fey-folk flutter their turquoise wings, they sound like murmuring rills.
  • Woodland fairies gather in emerald or jade fairy clans, and their nighttime play is often mistaken for fireflies.
  • Fire fairies love volcanos, have flame-colored wings, and leap about as if they were sizzling lava sparks.

The tiny fairy magicians build their communal homes from materials rich in latent magic. Predators that hunger for an easy magical snack are a constant danger to fairies. To protect themselves, fey-folk often befriend elf mages and live in their sheltered gardens.

Next time, Lita covers the peculiarities of fairy enchantments.

Lita's Magic Show

Lita’s Magic Show: Harsh Words and a Familiar

Harsh Words and a Familiar

Harsh Words and a Familiar

We take another trip today into the forest near Lita’s castle–a place where wandering wizards pull up their colorful carts and put on magic shows.

A young magic man with eyes the hue of dirty sea water stands before the campfire.  He forgoes the traditional mage’s cowl and instead wears a starched formal shirt and tail coat. He clears his throat, then says:

“Watch your language in Lita’s forest.” He cups his hands. “Look in here. I’ll weave a stony path across dangerous waters to an islet with a marvelous bush. My story is about a lost familiar. And let me show you how a wizard’s harsh words turn into bats.”

This wandering wizard (the young mage tells us) sought a magical thingummy in his plate-shaped ocean world to free his kidnapped familiar.

The wizardling begins his story.

Next time, a talking dog warns us about Mandrakes and Minor Demons.

Last time, a mage told us about a Dire Secret and a Dragonette.

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Ephraim’s Curious Device in Book Cover Contest

Shout it out!

Shout it out! Ephraim’s Curious Device is in the August 2013 You Gotta Read Contest

Be sure to stop by the You Gotta Read book cover contest for August 2013, and vote for your favorite book cover. Voting closes August 27th, so don’t wait.

If you haven’t yet boarded the airship to fly with a wizard between the floating islands, here is the first chapter for Ephraim’s. Take a minute to see the harpies and other magical creatures in the Ephraim’s Curious Device book trailer.

A wizard seeks a magical thingummy to free his kidnapped familiar.

A wizard seeks a magical thingummy to free his kidnapped familiar.

If you go to the Ephraim’s page, you will discover how to get your very own copy of the e-book and experience instant gratification for you and your eReader.

Have you already tasted clockpunk wizardry in Ephraim’s Curious Device, and you want more? Check out how a dog with an unusual occupation finds some unexpected magician friends in Forever Boy.

Still want more adventures with Wizard Kadmeion, his half-elf assistant Sir Bright, and the weredog Furgo? The airship sails again soon for the floating islands and the ~twisty~ magic of the Clockpunk Wizard world. August 31st brings us the shiny new story of Old Bony Blue Eyes.

Is it a fantasy beast reclining on a cloud?

Ephraim’s Curious Device in Book Trailer Contest

Is it a fantasy beast reclining on a cloud?

Is it a fantasy beast reclining on a cloud?

See for yourself the fantastic images on Wizard Kadmeion’s journey to free his kidnapped familiar.

Lita’s Clockpunk Wizard video for Ephraim’s Curious Device is in the March 2013 You Gotta Read book trailer contest. The top three videos win valuable marketing and promo prizes–so important for an indie author. Please take a minute to vote for your favorite book trailer.

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Voting closes on Wednesday, March 27th, so please don’t wait. Fantasy beasts and coy fey-folk wait for courageous visitors in the Clockpunk Wizard fantasy world.

Curious Devices from the Clockpunk Wizard World

Ephraim’s Curious Device featured at Indies Unlimited

Curious Devices from the Clockpunk Wizard World

Here are a few Curious Devices (people too) from the Clockpunk Wizard world

Lita is pleased to tell Gentle Reader that the Indies Unlimited (IU) blog has a featured post about the Clockpunk Wizard  world in Ephraim’s Curious Device.  Please take a minute to stop by, look around, and if in the mood, leave some comments.

IU is a site for independent authors, publishers, reviewers and readers who embrace the sweeping changes to book publishing caused by online technology. IU calls it the “Indie Author Movement.”

Treasures await the visitor at IU. For posts that are sometimes snarky but always informative, check out the IU home page. Be sure to visit their featured author online book store here.  For all who are low on schwag, visit their IU Gear store and load up. If Gentle Reader wants to get social, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Which genres lurk about at IU? Their site covers Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy (Lita’s favorite), and Biography titles. You’re sure to find a story to please, and meet friendly indie writer acquaintances, at IU.

Be sure you have all your things

Ephraim’s Book Launch Party is Over

Be sure you have all your things

Be sure you have all your things

Here we are back home.

Copernicus has docked Wizard Kadmeion’s airship at the aerodrome, and it’s time to go. Be sure you have everything out of your stateroom. Watch your step on the gangplank.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s adventure to Veldt Island and learning more about the Clockpunk Wizard world, and Ephraim’s Curious Device.

Safe travels to you, until we fly again with the wizard and his friends in Old Bony Blue Eyes. Goodnight.